LETTER: Reader wants to vote out Sequim City Council

From Sequim

The Sequim City Council took no action against the Sequim mayor for sharing support for QAnon while performing in an official capacity.

Yes, that’s QAnon, which purports baseless claims that prominent Democrats murder and eat children and are child sex-traffickers.

Per the FBI, “Fringe conspiracies very likely encourage the targeting of specific people, places, and organizations, thereby increasing the risk of extremist violence.”

Rather than representing the residents of Sequim, the mayor chose to spotlight his own personal vile, wacko, dangerous conspiracy theories which has placed Sequim in the national spotlight for the mayor of crazy town. The council supported the mayor; no censure or official statement that this does not represent the values of the residents of Sequim.

By providing a pass to promoting hate speech while performing in an official capacity, the City Council displayed their lack of leadership and thereby ability to manage the operation of our city.

Council members Dennis Smith, Mike Pence, Sarah Kincaid, and Brandon Janisse are up for re-election next year and Mayor William Armacost and Deputy Mayor Tom Ferrell in 2023.

The residents of Sequim need to remember the council’s support for the mayor’s promotion of hate speech while performing in an official capacity, encourage qualified candidates to run for Sequim city council and vote the existing council out.

George Abrahams


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