LETTER: Ferguson’s legal tests show his bias and partiality

As a retired lawyer, I view Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s test of whether to file another suit against the president a little differently (“State AG Discuss Lawsuits,” PDN, Oct. 22).

I see his tests as:

• Can he make the argument, without looking too silly, that somehow somewhere, some Washingtonians are being affected by the challenged law or action?

• Can the lawyers employed by him come up with some legal argument to support his action? Of course they can, if they want to continue to be employed.

• Does he personally believe that the state AG has the standing to sue or intervene? Having answered that question “yes” 17 times so far this year, it’s not a tough one for him.

I would add No. 4, the really important one:

• Will it emphasize his personal dislike, disdain and disrespect for Donald J. Trump?

What a wonderful, impartial, unbiased attorney general.

John Dundas,