LETTER: Make your voice heard by marching for women in January

The reality is that Hillary lost because she is a woman. She won all three debates resoundingly. We are far from having gender equality in this country, and we are now set way back.

The history for American women is pretty sad. Though Abigail Adams said not to forget the women, the Founders probably laughed at that thought.

Eighty years later, the men in power gave the black man the vote but not a thought for women.

In the 1880s, women started to fight for it. There were no male lawmakers that went to their aid.

The women were jailed, and often their children were taken away from them.

If the husband beat the wife and she somehow got out, the children belonged to the husband.

The women had no control over family money; it all belonged to the husband.

Finally, 144 years after America was founded, in 1920, women got the vote and it started slowly to improve for them — slow because even now, women are only 20 percent of the Senate and less of the House.

The slow going for women has stunted them — maybe permanently — in not getting across their message of equality, peace and education for their children, a message lost in the macho drums of war and guns and male bombast through most of the past 240 years.

I’m going to Washington, D.C., on Jan. 21, 2017, for the Women’s March on Washington to make my voice heard. I hope many women will join me.

JoAnne Mann,