LETTER: Who is Trump fooling with questionable, morally dubious tactics?

Trump has indeed drained the political swamp but turned it into a quagmire full of nepotism and antagonistic insiders.

His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, with no related experience, is tasked with restructuring the federal government.

It took some of the most educated and highly read individuals months of discussion and negotiation to create our Constitution and form our government, ultimately backed by a Revolutionary War.

I don’t trust an inexperienced son-in-law to create a more perfect union.

His daughter is added to the staff in an unknown capacity with unknown influence, representing who and for what gain?

Are they highly qualified, do they represent the best interest of the American people, or did they get their new jobs because they’re family, they’re loyal or because Daddy Trump is paranoid?

The Environmental Protection Agency, tasked with protecting the very air we breathe, water we drink and food we eat, is under threat of being systematically gutted by Trump’s science-denying appointee.

Our attorney general, Jeff Sessions, had to recuse himself from investigating Russian interference because of his possible interaction with the Russians, and he still has his job.

Trump’s team seems to operate in an alternate reality where they can fabricate and twist the truth.

Even when the facts are put before them, they deny them outright or create a bizarre diversion: Climate change isn’t perpetuated by humans, the Russians didn’t influence the election, Mexico will pay for the great wall and we will all have the most wonderful health insurance.

Who is he really fooling?

Vance Heydorn,

Port Angeles