LETTER: Danille Turissini a fine choice for state Senate

The “independent GOP” candidate agrees with me on two vital things: transgenders in restrooms and no to a state income tax.

I recently clicked on my hometown newspaper in Coos Bay, Ore., to read the online edition.

While reading an article, one of those annoying pop-up advertisements came up.

What made it even more annoying was the ad was from the Democratic Senate committee telling me Danille Turissini is too radical for the Washington state Senate.

On the issue of trangenders, the Democrats feel she is too radical because she does not want men who identify as women in the women’s restrooms or boys who identify as girls in the girls locker room.

Wow. Radical?

I know something else Danille Turissini does not want: a state income tax.

It’s the same income tax I have voted against four times in the past.

Those are just two of the many reasons I will be voting for Danille Turissini.

Also, her husband, Dave, plays a mean bass guitar.

Jon Cooke,