LETTER: A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for values, not the lesser of two evils

The Green Party candidate has taken no money from Wall Street and supports many of the platforms Bernie Sanders did.

Since the conclusion of the primary season, like many voters, I have struggled with the presented options for president.

Bernie Sanders’ commitment to economic justice, social justice, racial justice and environmental justice is what motivated me and others to work so hard for his campaign.

Bernie fought hard to have these goals adopted into the Democratic Party platform.

I have carefully listened to Hillary Clinton’s speeches, straining to hear any mention of the platform and its goals.

On the contrary, Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, expresses the same values and goals promoted by Bernie Sanders.

Her campaign has not taken any money from Wall Street.

She is the only presidential candidate who has gone to Standing Rock in solidarity with the Native Americans as they attempt to stop the North Dakota pipeline.

There is a video on YouTube that illustrates the suppressive techniques used by the Democratic National Committee in Philadelphia by Truthstream Media dated Aug. 11.

This video reiterates what I have heard first-hand from our two local national Bernie Sanders delegates, who were in Philadelphia.

Jill Stein opposes drone strikes and also supports a Palestinian state, which is more likely to promote peace in the Middle East.

I cannot in good conscience vote for Hillary Clinton, nor Donald Trump.

If Jill Stein can win 5 percent or more in this election cycle, this will open up considerable funding for the Green Party candidate in 2020, giving that candidate the chance to get on the ballot in all 50 states.

Millions of dollars are at stake.

Our future is at stake.

Voting for Jill Stein is voting for the greater good, not the lesser evil.

We need to vote our values, not our fears.

Therese “Tree” Stokan,

Neah Bay