LETTER: Climate change

I’m all for us living in an environmentally responsible way. Who wants to poison our own families with toxic chemicals? But the extremists have taken over the climate change movement.

Headlines are screaming about our imminent doom if we don’t take drastic action to stop a climate change extinction event. All the reports on TV and other avenues echo each other while conveniently ignoring scientists whose studies paint another picture.

Let me point out a couple.

A paper by A.K. Medford of the University of Maine mentioned study results that moss and willow plants grew 500 to 1,000 years ago under the receding ice packs in Greenland. This means that the icecap was smaller back then than it is now, proving that the temperature was warmer.

Furthermore, they found that between 4,000 and 7,000 years ago the temperature was warmer than it is now. No one was releasing greenhouse gases to warm up the planet by using coal or gasoline back then.

An article by Jason Isaac pointed out that the recent heatwave in the Pacific Northwest isn’t much compared to the 180- and 240-year megadroughts that occurred between A.D. 800 and A.D. 1400.

More balanced reporting and studies are needed to ensure that we don’t make drastic changes to to our lifestyles which won’t help anything because natural climate change cycles on our planet will still happen anyway.

John Usher

Port Angles

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