LETTER: Change, our challenge

Our principles of civil liberties and the rule of law have been under attack most insidiously these past four years, undermined by disinformation campaigns denigrating science, expertise and truth.

On the other hand, 2020 brought the ardent effort to change racial prejudice through movements as Black Lives Matter and immigrant rights.

We were compelled to analyze our place in our society, whether we are privileged thus safer, or marginalized and threatened.

We’ve experienced Us versus Them chaos, ripping apart friendships, families, community cohesion, compelling us to label ourselves by specific identity groups in order to find a semblance of support and belonging.

This has included the unfortunate split in community spirit, to fight a great personal and national threat, COVID-19.

Some people became violent, afraid of change, thinking the Nov. 3 presidential election defeated Donald Trump unfairly.

Full of rage, some threaten a civil war, if the majority of us don’t bow our heads allowing an unconstitutional, delusional reign.

Ridding our hearts and minds of false narratives which turn us desperate, oleaginous, even dangerous, we must shed the normalization of malice, bullying, deceit, duplicity, and corruption.

Our challenge: Continue building a vibrant democracy, encompassing all Americans, ensuring fairness, equal rights and safety, and opportunities for success and happiness.

Gayle Brauner

Port Angeles

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