LETTER: Break the logjam in Congress? Remind lawmakers that they serve the voters

Do you want to know how to break the logjam in the United States Congress?

It’s quite simple: Remind your elected legislators in the Senate and the House that their most important duty is to serve the voters who elected them, not only in their home state but in the United States of America.

Collectively, they are supposed to work for all of us.

They do that best when they take off their political party hats and put on their global thinking caps.

The political divisiveness that has now existed most noticeably for the past 25 years has virtually ended open debate, which stimulates critical thinking focused on finding common ground and solutions.

Instead, we have life-threatening issues such as global warming, unaffordable health care, unending and undeclared wars, poverty and human rights issues of inequality, injustice, ineffectual education in our schools and failing infrastructure, just to name a few of the challenges we face today.

The travesty is that we no longer have two functional political parties.

We have warring factions of a monopolistic, empire-building political system controlled by self-interested, for-profit corporations and Wall Street movers and shakers and the morally repulsive elite who are focused on building a global empire, not a world where freedom and justice for all is the guiding purpose of “government of the people, by the people, for the people” — a form of governance that is about to perish from this Earth.

Joy Beaver,