Pat Neal

PAT NEAL: Winter outages bring new challenges

It takes a village to get ready for the coming cold months.

PAT NEAL: The backcountry’s Sasquatch people

THE ANNUAL SASQUATCH Summit at Ocean Shores is always a hoot, and this year was no exception. This is a gathering of some of the… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Luck of the draw in fishing seasons

I DON’T KNOW about you, but I’ve caught the holiday spirit just in time for the most important holiday of the year. No, I am… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Dam removal a whale of an issue

IT WAS ANOTHER tough day for those of us who love the iconic orca, or killer whale. An article, “Scientists: Breach Dams To Save Orcas,”… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Season for stalking wild chanterelle

The wily fungus can make mushroom picking an adventure.

PAT NEAL: Treat orca in more kingly way

The recent orca deaths beg the question: Is it worth killing killer whales for whatever data the killing produces?

PAT NEAL: Fishing’s lean but bird-watching’s keen

The coho seem to be running strong just across that imaginary line that marks the boundary of the recreational paradise we call Canada — but not here, they say.

PAT NEAL: Meeting challenges of hunting season

Once you get your hunting rifle sighted in, keep it locked up far away from loved ones and hunting buddies.

PAT NEAL: Eating crow about Elwha salmon

It was a regrettable lapse in my search for truth that allowed me to question the salmon’s ability to swim up the Elwha once the dams were taken out.

PAT NEAL: Americans work hard for ‘the dream’

The Labor Day campout was just another example of the shrinking middle class: no au jus with our prime rib!

PAT NEAL: What good is a fishing license?

Multitudes of happy tourists fished the Hoh this summer totally unaware they were breaking the law.

PAT NEAL: Really, how unique are Elwha steelhead?

You have to wonder if hatchery steelhead are really so bad for native ones.

PAT NEAL: In the future, these will be the good ol’ days of salmon fishing

The corrupt and incompetent mismanagement of our fisheries will lead to fishing’s demise.

PAT NEAL: Whales’ boundless salmon appetite

IT WAS ANOTHER tough week in the news, but there’s another toxic concern to keep you awake at night: Are your whales getting enough salmon?

PAT NEAL’S WILDLIFE: I get letters — all cut up in little pieces

MOMMA ALWAYS SAID if you can't say something nice, write a newspaper column. When I first started out, all I knew about writing a newspaper… Continue reading

PAT NEAL’S WILDLIFE: The wilderness can be downright buggy

IT IS DAYLIGHT in the swamp. There is a buzzing sound as the insects of the forest awakened. The first to be noticed is the… Continue reading

PAT NEAL’S WILDLIFE: Genetically altering fish monkeys with Nature

IT WAS ANOTHER tough week in the news. A front-page article that appeared Monday in the Peninsula Daily News revealed that the Food and Drug… Continue reading

PAT NEAL’S WILDLIFE COLUMN: Gone fishing with ‘Twilight’ characters

MAYBE YOU THINK being a wilderness gossip columnist is easy. It might sound like a dream job, just watching the river flow -- until the… Continue reading

PAT NEAL’S WILDLIFE: An undammed Olympic river with limited fish

SOMEONE RECENTLY ASKED me if taking the dams out of the Elwha River would bring the salmon back. I wish. I'd give anything to have… Continue reading


A SHARP-EYED READER recently suggested a correction to my May 26 column about the Dungeness Valley Creamery. It's one of two remaining dairies in the… Continue reading