LETTER: Job performance is a one-person act

Great job news

Great news hearing more people are being hired for jobs and able to once again support their families and work toward the American dream of having their own apartments, homes, new cars and other comforts that are well earned.

Hopefully, new employees realize they must have good work ethics such as being on-time and following the expectations of what they are hired to do by the company who hired them.

A person being hired should request a job description of what is expected of them, so there are no misunderstandings between themselves or the employer.

Doing a little extra will be noticed by an employer.

If working for a business that customer service is a priority, smile and do your job.

Good customer service guarantees you and the company will grow.

Some new to the workforce have been taught all are winners and deserve the same pay as others are getting. Sorry people, it isn’t true.

Time for a reality wake-up.

Your job performance is a one-person act that will get you a raise, an advancement in the company or a trip to the front door with your last check in hand.

Have pride in your job performance and work hard to make your country great again.

Shirley Berg,


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