LETTER: Conservative medium dictates policy to president

When did it happen — the election of Rupert Murdoch (Fox News owner) to the U.S. presidency and his vice president, Fox journalist Sean Hannity?

Murdoch, it appears, rules in absentia from London and Hannity, from Fox news headquarters (the reverse state-run news service) and the White House.

Only in this case, Fox tells President Donald Trump, who is now relegated to errand boy, what to say, who to fire and hire, who to insult and who to schmooze with.

We are now becoming a nation like Russia, China and other despot-controlled nations which are run by evil so-called leaders.

So when you sit down to watch Fox News, just remember you are being fed just what they want you to know.

Albeit twisted lies and innuendo you are not allowed to question and no critical thinking is allowed.

We are just spitting distance from hearing the words “paper please” — our Constitution is being scoffed at and democracy is under attack by a bloody news station.

Vote to stop this movement.

Or else?

John Ratchford,

Port Townsend

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