Gold, silver found in Everett now linked to Clallam County burglary

PORT ANGELES — The Clallam County Sheriff’s Office has joined detectives in Jefferson County and the Marysville Police Department in the investigation of about $115,000 of gold and silver found in a home in Everett.

Detectives now believe some of the gold and silver came from a home east of Port Angeles that was burgled in late February, said Deputy Nathan Clark of the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities earlier had linked some of the items found, which included rare coins and gold bars, to a burglary in Kala Point that occurred sometime between Feb. 15-18.

“We think what was recovered came from a few different burglaries,” Clark said. “Currently, the victim hasn’t been able to go to Marysville to ID any of the items.”

According to the Marysville Police Department, the collection of gold and silver was found in a home in Everett on Feb. 28 during a drug investigation.

Marysville police, with assistance from the Everett Police Department, recovered roughly $110,000 worth of gold and silver during the Feb. 28 search and found another $5,000 worth of coins in a vehicle found at the residence, which was searched March 1.

During the Feb. 28 search, Marysville police found heroine and methamphetamine in the residence along with the stolen gold and silver, they said.

No arrests have been made. Investigations remain open.

The collection of gold and silver is still in Marysville with the Marysville Police Department.


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