Adam Klein of Tualatin, Ore., wins the North Olympic Discovery Marathon on Sunday in 2 hours, 21 minutes, 18 seconds, nearly 14 minutes ahead of second place and 2 1/2 minutes short of a U.S. Olympic trial qualifier. (Dave Logan/for Peninsula Daily News)

Adam Klein of Tualatin, Ore., wins the North Olympic Discovery Marathon on Sunday in 2 hours, 21 minutes, 18 seconds, nearly 14 minutes ahead of second place and 2 1/2 minutes short of a U.S. Olympic trial qualifier. (Dave Logan/for Peninsula Daily News)

NORTH OLYMPIC DISCOVERY MARATHON: Fast times in race’s return

PORT ANGELES — Cool weather with little wind or rain until the afternoon helped create some very fast times in this year’s North Olympic Discovery Marathon.

It was a record-setting day with marathon winner Adam Klein of Tualatin, Ore., breaking the record for best time by 12 minutes.

Klein, a former runner for Arizona State University who recently graduated, won the event in 2 hours, 21 minutes, 18 seconds, which is just 2½ minutes off of qualifying for the U.S. Olympics trials. He beat a record time of 2:33:36 set in 2019 by Sequim’s Michael Cobb. Klein’s time was also nearly 14 minutes ahead of second-place finisher Jonny Handel, who had a time of 2:34:59.

The best Olympic Peninsula men’s time was Port Angeles’ Michael Higuera, who finished 12th with a time of 3:24:43. Travis Tenneson of Sequim finished 13th with a time of 3:25:55.

Cobb switched to the half-marathon this year and won in a time of 1:10:49, beating Gregory Mitchell of Wilsonville, Ore., by 7 seconds.

Tovah Swartz-Ireland of Bellingham won the women’s marathon in an outstanding time of 3:05:34, though it was her first marathon. She won by 6½ minutes over Angie Banks of Morgan Hill, Calif. (3:11:59) and bested the women’s 2019 winning time by more than 30 minutes. The best Olympic Peninsula women’s time was by Sequim’s Heidi Hietpas, who came in sixth with a time of 3:26:55. Hietpas won the event in 2019, though her time this year was about 10 minutes faster than 2019. She also finished sixth in 2018.

In the women’s half-marathon, the race was won by Faith Reynolds of Stony Brook, N.Y., with a time of 1:22:31. The best local time was by Port Angeles’ Kynzie DeLeon, who came in 11th with a time of 1:40:04. Katherine Braun of Port Angeles was right behind at 1:41:26, good for 12th.

Langdon Larson, a runner with the Port Angeles High School Roughriders, won the 10K on Saturday with a time of 36:42. Coming in second place was his sibling Lauren Larson, who is graduating from Port Angeles High this month. Lauren Larson had the best women’s time at 38:44.

Winning the men’s 5K was Joseph Skovron of Seattle with a time of 16:44, crushing the field. Coming in second was Michael Lessor of Port Angeles, who finished with a time of 17:39.

Winning the women’s 5K was Lizbeth Nieves of Chicago with a time of 22:13. She came in eighth in the women’s marathon the following day.

The best local women’s 5K time was Port Angeles’ Leia Larson, who came in third with a time of 22:20.

Julianne DeMars of Kirkland won the marathon walk with a time of 5:24:26. The best local time was by Diane Grove of Sequim, who finished in 5:58.21.

Dana Lawson of Sequim finished the marathon walk in 11:03:25. Lawson competed with just one leg, using high-tech crutches to walk the 26 miles.

Not counting the team relays, more than 1,200 people ran or walked in the races over two days, with 197 finishing the marathon, 522 the half-marathon, 235 the 10K and 255 the 5K. Another 33 finished the marathon walk.

The North Olympic Discovery Marathon is sponsored by the Peninsula Daily News and the Sequim Gazette.

For full results or to find photographs of competitors, people can go to People can look up specific runners’ times by bib number or by their name.

Here are the top 10 results in each category:

2021 North Olympic Discovery Marathon


Marathon — Adam Klein, Tualatin, Ore:, first, 2:21:18; Jonny Handel, Lewiston, Idaho, second, 2:34:59; Matt Lowe, Shelton, third, 2:41:42; Bryan Shrader, Franklin, Tenn:, fourth, 2:55:22; Chris Holm, Seattle, fifth, 2:57:12; Cameron Johnson, Seattle, sixth, 2:59:40; Brian Baleva, Silverdale, seventh, 3:10:37; Levi Larson, Bainbridge, eighth, 3:16:91; David Olson, Bremerton, ninth, 3:19:40; Ryan Howe, Renton, 10th, 3:21:15.

Half-marathon — Michael Cobb, Sequim, first, 1:10:49; Gregory Mitchell, Wilsonville, Ore:, second, 1:10:56; Daniel Skovron, Seattle, third, 1:17:53; Jeremy Grondin, Beaverton, fourth, 1:20:25; Matt Viss, Seattle, fifth, 1:20:51; Anton Bingham, Brier, sixth, 1:23:36; Max Jensen, Redmond, seventh, 1:26:28; Mark Dalmacio, Bremerton, eighth, 1:27:22; Stephen O’Neal, Portland, Ore:, ninth, 1:27:55; Benjamin Myers, McMinnville, Tenn:, 10th, 1:29:16.

10K — Langdon Larson, PA, first, 36:42; Chris Vaughn, Lynwood, second, 39:52; Andy Scroggs, Olympia, third, 39:55; James Chapman, Tampa, Fla., fourth, 40:40; Justin Serrill, Issaquah, fifth, 41:34; David Anderson, Bellingham, sixth, 42:46; Tyler Reed, Seattle, seventh, 43:52; Chuck Malinski, Bremerton, eighth, 44:07; Hunter Broughton, Kingston, ninth, 46:15; Matt Luby, Seattle, 10th, 46:51.

5K — Joseph Skovron, Seattle, first; 16:44; Michael Lessor, PA, second, 17:39; Max Baeder, PA, third, 17:57; Ethan Martin, Sequim, fifth, 18:43; Cameron Younts, Raleigh, N.C., sixth, 19:04; Steve Moore, Kingston, 20:49; Simon Atwill, Gig Harbor, eighth, 21:34; Timothy Atwill, Gig Harbor, ninth, 22:14; Harry Chapman, Tampa, Fla., 10th, 23:13.


Marathon — Tovah Swartz-Ireland, Bellingham, first, 3:05:34; Angie Banks, Morgan Hill, Calif., second, 3:11:59; Anne Myers, McMinnville, Tenn., third, 3:19:53; Melissa Corraro, Portland, Ore., fourth, 3:20:46; Sophie Johnson, Seattle, fifth, 3:21:15; Heidi Hietpas, Sequim, sixth, 3:26:55; Bobbi Baur, Chicago, seventh, 3:28:55; Lizbeth Nieves, Chicago, eighth, 3:28:56; Brenna O’Neill, Seattle, ninth, 3:29:04; Jessica Lyon, Vail, Ariz., 10th, 3:32:50.

Half-marathon women — Faith Reynolds, first, Stony Brook, N:Y:, 1:22:31; Laura Breymann, Kirkland, second, 1:28:27; Claire Chapman, Tampa, third, 1:28:50; Marisa Gilmore, Lopez, fourth, 1:33:04; Claire Ford, Huntington Woods, Mich:, fifth, 1:33:21; Saige Sunier, Seattle, sixth, 1:34:04; Judith Puzon, Enumclaw, seventh, 1:38:12; Margaret Goss, Austin, Texas, eighth, 1:38:39; Katie Price, Seattle, ninth, 1:38:47; Audrey Lichten, Amity, Ore:, 10th, 1:39:19.

10K women — Lauren Larson, PA, first, 38:44; Sarah Paquet, Olympia, second, 39:47; Alyssa Becker, Seabeck, third, 40:47; Devlynne Ondusko, Portland, Ore., fourth, 45:47; Rachel Myhre, Edmonds, fifth, 46:34; Amber Kuehl, Bremerton, sixth, 47:40; Stacey Milan, Salado, Texas, seventh, 48:08; Leah Korthuis, Sumas, eighth, 49:10; Kirsten Shelton, Battle Ground, ninth, 50:25; Cheryl Holcomb-Roberts, Bothell, 10th, 51:06.

5K women — Lizbeth Nieves, Chicago, first, 22:13; Bobbi Baur, Chicago, second, 22:15; Leia Larson, PA, third, 22:20; Mary Woodward, Gig Harbor, fourth, 24:20; Josette Holden, Sequim, fifth, 24:56; Anne Allstadt, Port Townsend, sixth, 25:52; Jeanne Larson, PA, seventh, 26:14; Kari Lessor, PA, eighth, 26:18; Rebecca Dewey, Oak Harbor, ninth, 26:28; Adrienne Christian, Sequim, 10th, 26:46.

Marathon walk (Overall) — Julianne DeMars, Kirkland, first, 5:24:26; Arne Hales, Edmonds, second, 5:38.03; Melanie Spencer, San Luis Obispo, Calif., third, 5:52:21; Monica Spencer, Redmonds, fourth, 5:52:23; Diane Grove, Sequim, fifth, 5:58:21; Jennifer Burkhardt, PA, sixth, 6:01:32; Holly Rowan, Joyce, seventh, 6:01:44; Amy Clements, Winthrop, eighth, 6:01:48; Nancy Aadland, Winthrop, ninth, 6:02:12; Laurie Johnson-Driese, PA, 10th, 6:05:28.

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