LETTER: Totalitarianism

In the broadest sense, totalitarianism is characterized by strong central rule that attempts to control and direct all aspects of individual life through coercion and repression.

Totalitarianism is often distinguished from dictatorship, despotism, or tyranny by its supplanting of all political institutions with new ones and its sweeping away of all legal, social and political traditions.

The totalitarian state pursues some special goal, such as industrialization or conquest, to the exclusion of all others.

It begins by removal of history through destruction or mind-altering.

Then comes the restriction of voice of the masses.

After that comes the decline in purchasing power and restrictions of assets, and finally comes the disarming of the masses.

Does any of this sound familiar?

The concept comes from a warning by our founding fathers, yet many are just saying this is a conspiracy theory.

You decide, but I would suggest you shuffle right along on that one.

I for one would say it is occurring right in front of us.

Russell Cowley