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Tarot Card Readings Online: Best Sites of 2021

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The practice of divination through the use of cards, better known as Cartomancy, was introduced to European culture during the 14th century. As cartomancers, or practitioners of the craft, continued to grow in popularity, the method used to deduce information about the unknown evolved. Tarot cards became a common deck used by advisors and readers, so much so that Tarot Card Reading quickly became the most popular form of Cartomancy available in Western Culture.

The practice of Tarot Card Reading has continued throughout the years. Readers were most often found in private stores, fairs and carnivals. However, as technology grew, so did the application and availability of Tarot Card Reading. Currently, there are hundreds of online Psychic Reading sites that offer Tarot Card Reading, giving the public access to thousands of advisors. With skills that range from the ability to divine information of the future to providing expert advice on how to navigate current pitfalls, it is no wonder that these sites have seen millions of visitors per month.

Tarot Card Reading Services: Our Recommended List

  1. Kasamba – Editor’s Choice
  2. Keen – Runner Up
  3. MysticSense – Great Alternative
  4. AskNow – Honorable Mention

Finding the right site from the hundreds in existence is a difficult task, but that is why we have created this list. We have pinpointed the four best online Tarot Card Reading sites. We have also explained the unique pros and cons attached to each site.

1. Kasamba – Editor’s Choice



  • Experienced advisors with thousand of member’s reviews
  • Great promotional offers
  • The site offers a mobile app for customer use
  • Quality is assured with a satisfaction guarantee
  • Spanish-language speaker friendly site


  • Some readings might be expensive

Kasamba is one of the longest-running Psychic Reading sites on our list. Created in 1999 and with twenty years of experience, the site hosts more than twenty main categories of spiritual advice services with several subcategories, including:

  • Feng Shui
  • Astral Projection
  • Spell Casting

And that is just to name a few.

With more than 180 Tarot Card Reading advisors, the site has ensured that users can access both quantity and quality when it comes to practitioners. Each Tarot Card Reading advisor is subject to a detailed employment investigation. This process was created to weed out any potential fakes and assure clients that the information they receive in their readings is as accurate as possible due to the reader’s authenticity. This rigid approach to employment has resulted in some of the most rated Tarot Card Reading advisors in the Psychic Reading field, with the most decorated of these advisors boasting more than ten thousand customer reviews.

Despite these tremendously experienced advisors whose prices will reflect their experience, the vast majority of advisors are available at affordable costs, with the lower end starting from as little as $2.54 per minute. In addition to low expenses, Kasamba also offers users what is known as a Best Match Guarantee. This is a promotional offer whereby clients can have an introductory three free minutes with each advisor. Alongside this, Kasamba is currently running a 15% off promotion applied to each advisor and a 70% off for each new user’s first Tarot Card Reading session.

To make the site more accessible to users who are not English speakers, Kasamba also has a category of the site entirely translated into Spanish. While foreign languages are not rare in the online Psychic Reading community, most sites do not accommodate clients this well. The subcategory can be accessed by selecting the ‘Psíquicos en Español’ tab, where several Tarot Card Reading Advisors can be found.

As the interpretation of cards is a subjective topic that depends on the Tarot Card Reading advisor’s personal skills and experience, it is possible to get a reading you are not satisfied with. In such a case, Kasamba offers the full use of its satisfaction guarantee. Contacting the company’s brilliant customer support and explaining the situation may result in a full refund. It is essential to note that such cases are uncommon as Kasamba has maintained a high level of customer satisfaction.

Kasamba also has a fully functional mobile app available on Android and IOS systems. Users who cannot download this app can still access the site from mobile phones and tablets while they are on the move.

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2. Keen – Runner Up



  • Offers a wealth of information for new users
  • Offers an easy to use filtering system
  • Clients have access to a satisfaction guarantee
  • Good promotional offers


  • Does not offer a video call option

One of the main barriers for users who have never experienced a Tarot Card Reading before is the lack of credible information about the practice. While search engines do provide some insight, the majority of the method is shrouded in shadows. This lack of transparency might turn away some new users who are too nervous to encounter a unique experience completely blind. Keen has taken a somewhat unique approach to confronting this issue.

Founded in 1999, Keen is a well-known Psychic Reading site that offers several services, including:

  • Tarot Readings
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Pet Psychics
  • Chakra Cleansing

Along with the more than 20 spiritual advice services, the company also offers a detailed breakdown of the Tarot Card Reading service, available at the bottom of the Tarot Reader’s Page. Members and non-members can browse several articles to gather information about the origins of Tarot Card Reading, which details the time periods and the cultures linked to the practice. Users are also given insight into possible questions to ask during a reading, how to choose a Tarot Card Reading advisor and what users should expect from the session overall. This information should go a long way to soothe any worries that new clients might have.

In addition to this information, Keen also provides access to one of the most straightforward filtering systems. Users can adjust their price brackets, select the communication method they prefer and sort advisors by availability or their featured status. All of this can be accomplished without delving into the more detailed search options. Users can sort advisors using the advanced features by their current availability, rating, and any offers the advisor might be willing to honour. Keen, unfortunately, does not provide an option for video calls. However, with access to more than fifty vetted advisors available 24/7, this is not as much of a disadvantage as it might seem.

To ensure that all clients are satisfied with their experience, Keen is one of the sites that has made a satisfaction guarantee available to paying customers. To honor this guarantee, Keen offers a full refund to clients who are not satisfied with their advisor’s performance.

Another reward that Keen offers its clients is in the form of its promotional offers. Keen recognizes that the process of selecting the perfect advisor is not always the easiest one, even with its brilliant filtering system. Clients will often have to try multiple Tarot Card Reading advisors before they find the one which suits them, and to help with the cost of this; Keen offers new clients the first three minutes with their advisor completely free,

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3. MysticSense – Great Alternative



  • An extremely detailed filtering system
  • A large number of carefully selected advisors
  • Clients have the option of video calls
  • Affordable prices


  • Does not offer a mobile app

Unlike the case with offline Psychic Reading, finding an advisor online is not difficult due to the thousands of readers that users have instant access to. However, this large quantity of available advisors can sometimes make it quite tricky to locate an advisor who completely suits your needs. This is a matter that is addressed by the Psychic Reading site, MysticSense.

MysticSense makes identifying a Tarot Card Reading advisor a simple process that even a technological novice can accomplish. Initially created in 2020, MysticSense offers a filtering system that is more detailed than any other on our list. In a unique approach, MysticSense allows customers to search for a psychic by name. In addition to this, customers are given a usual choice to filter advisers by price, popularity status and length of time spent on the site. However, the more detailed of MysticSense’s filtering system allows clients to sort advisors using the following categories:

  • Specialities
  • Status
  • Reading Styles
  • Special Tags
  • Tools

By combining these factors, clients are able to obtain results that are as tailored as possible to their every need. This specificity is essential when one considers that MysticSense hosts over 250 Tarot Card Reading advisors on its site. Despite the large quantity of Tarot Card Reading advisors, the site has also assured quality by carefully vetting each advisor before and during their employment with Mysticesense. This quality can be viewed in the 4 to 5-star ratings accrued by the top twenty-four Tarot Card Reading Advisors on the site, the most experienced of whom have amassed more than one hundred reviews.

In addition to highly rated and experienced Tarot Card Reading advisors, the communication methods offered by MysticSense is another boon. While the site caters for phone calls and chat services, MysticSense also allows for video calls. This is an option that is not often readily available on sites that offer Tarot Card Reading which makes the opportunity to utilize this method even more valuable. This is especially true for users who have moved from offline services and are uneasy due to the level of distance and anonymity between themselves and their advisors.

Despite a tailored filtering system, additional methods, and vetted Tarot Card Reading advisors, MysticSense has still managed to ensure that their prices are within affordable rates for all clients. At present, the lowest price offered by a Tarot Card Reading advisor is only $0.99 per minute. Such a fee would be near impossible to find offline or even on some other Tarot Card Reading Sites. These prices are further enhanced by MysticSense’s promotional offer of five free minutes with an advisor of your choice. The promotion only applies to new clients.

Unfortunately, MysticSense does not currently offer a mobile app. However, it is essential to note that as the most recent site on our list, this might be rectified at a later date. It should also be noted that the site is accessible by phone or tablet, ensuring that clients can still use all the site’s service while moving.

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4. AskNow – Honorable Mention



  • Easy to use scheduling
  • Superb introductory offers
  • Low prices
  • Promotional offers available


  • The mobile app does not support all systems

Whether your Tarot Card Reading is conducted online or offline, one of the main issues experienced by clients surrounds the matter of scheduling a reading. While most online sites allow clients to search for available Tarot Card Reading advisors, booking appointments in advance can be frustrating. However, AskNow has not only managed to eliminate this issue, but it has also made the solution quick and easy.

With other sixteen years of experience in the Psychic Reading field, AskNow has been rated one of the USA’s most popular Psychic Reading sites. Employing more than 40 Tarot Card Reading specialists, the site has also ensured that pre-booking appointments is as simple as clicking a mouse. After you have found the advisor for you, clicking on their profile will allow you to navigate to a small calendar in the top right-hand corner of the page. By selecting a specific date on this calendar, you can check if the advisor will be available by reading the time periods listed beneath the calendar. If you wish to pre-book an appointment, all you need to do is select the ‘Schedule An Appointment’ button or call the number listed on the screen.

Ease of booking is just one of AskNow’s advantages. The site also has several promotional offers, including receiving five free minutes if you sign up for one of the site’s introductory packages. The introductory packages offered by AskNow means that new clients can pay as little as $1 per minute for up to thirty minutes. Or in the case of its most attractive package, a client will pay less than $1 per minute. Instead, they are allowed to have fifteen minutes for only $10. These introductory offers enable new clients to experience multiple sessions at a price they would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Apart from the site’s introductory offers and promotional packages, AskNow also offers reasonable prices for regular customers. AskNow’s ‘Top Rated Advisors’ can cost as little as $3.99 per minute, while their ‘Master Advisors’ can cost from $13 per minute. This allows customers access to top-rated Tarot Card Reading advisors for a fraction of the price usually found in an offline setting.

At current, AskNow hosts more than 40 Tarot Card Reading advisors, several of whom speak languages including Spanish and French. All of the Tarot Card Reading Advisors employed on AskNow have been carefully vetted to ensure that clients get the best service possible. AskNow has also provided customer reviews to help clients decide which Tarot Card Reading advisor is the best for them. These reviews can be found on the advisor’s main page.

AskNow does have a mobile app, but unfortunately, it is unable to work with Android compatible systems. To use the app, you must be running an IOS system. However, the site can be accessed using mobile phones and tablets that are on any system, and no problems have been reported about access issues.

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Can You Trust Online Tarot Card Readings?

To answer whether an online Tarot Card Reading is accurate or trustworthy, several factors must be examined. These are:

  1. The purpose of the reading
  2. The purpose of the advisor
  3. The authenticity of the site

The Purpose Of The Reading – Tarot Card Reading has been used to gather information on everything from family life to everyday problems. However, as the media’s fictional influences have seeped into the reality of the practice, some clients have developed unrealistic expectations. The application of Tarot Card Reading to the future is a purely subjective one that, while the method might be able to pinpoint specific events, it is still giving the client a glimpse of a ‘possible future’. Therefore, people who expect Tarot Card Reading advisors to tell them precisely what will happen seven days from today might find themselves severely disappointed.

Instead of focusing on a specific event, a reading will often focus on a particular decision’s outcome. Depending on whether the result is positive or negative, the client will then be forced to examine the factors surrounding that decision in a particular way. In such cases, Tarot Card Readings act as a guide instead of an answer booklet. It guides you to follow a specific path if you wish for the corresponding results, but your future depends entirely on the actions you take while on that path.

So if you go to a Tarot Card Reading session hoping for a cheat sheet for the future, then it is likely that you will be disappointed. However, if you are searching for guidance, your reading might be much more accurate than you expected.

The Purpose Of The Advisor – It is impossible for you to get an accurate Tarot Card Reading if your advisor is not authentic. Over the years, there have been numerous public scams and ripoffs in the Tarot Card Reading community. Readers who are in the business only for money and with little or no care of the harm they do to clients have tarnished the reputation of genuine Tarot Card Reading advisors. This is where online sites such as those we have listed shine.

These sites carefully vet their advisors, trawling through customer reviews that span their careers to ensure that those they offer a place are genuinely authentic. Some sites have even taken things a step further by routinely setting up blind tests for their advisors and adopting satisfaction guarantees to ensure that readers who display questionable skills are identified.

Much like free sites that force the user to decipher the cards’ message for themselves, fake Tarot Card Reading advisors can cause harm and distress. To altogether avoid this, we advise that you use advisors with reviews you can trust and who you can report in case of any issues.

The Authenticity Of The Site – There are thousands of sites that offer Tarot Card Reading. These range from free sites to those you must pay for, but the most important thing to look for if you want accurate readings is the site’s overall authenticity.

Sites that are not authentic will have red flags. These include:

  • No customer reviews – A lack of customer reviews or ratings makes it nearly impossible to check advisors’ authenticity. A reputable site would not block current clients from viewing the experiences of past clients. If you find a site where none of the advisors has any reviews, then you might have found a fake site.
  • No advisor ratings – Advisor ratings are essential. They give you a snapshot view of the accuracy of your advisor’s skills. Sites that don’t list an advisor’s ratings might be scam sites and should be avoided.

In conclusion, your Tarot Card Reading’s trustworthiness depends on how carefully you select your site, advisor, and the purpose of your reading.

What Are The Most Important Tarot Cards?

A regular tarot card deck consists of seventy-eight cards that are divided into two categories. The first category is the Major Arcana which is made up of twenty-two cards and often reserved for life-changing readings. The second category is the Minor Arcana which is made up of fifty-six cards that are separated into four subcategories, which are:

  • The Suit of Wands
  • The Suit of Cups
  • The Suit of Pentacles
  • The Suit of Swords

Of these seventy-eight cards, there are several that have gained popularity for their importance and standing. These cards are:

1. The Fool – This card is often assigned the number zero. The card’s illustration is that of a young man about to unknowingly walk off a cliff. Contrary to its image, the fool is believed to signify several aspects. These include improvisation, beginner’s luck, trust in the universe, intoxication and carelessness. When the card is placed upright, it is believed to signify news beginnings suggesting new chances and journeys in your future. However, a reversed card represents recklessness or the act of taking on a project or responsibility that you are not ready for.

2. Death – This card bears the number thirteen. The card’s illustration is a skeleton that signifies the grim reaper riding a pale horse. Despite the obvious symbolism, the card often actually represents a loss or the end of a relationship instead of literal death. When drawn upright, the death card means change, the end of one phase of your life and the beginning of another. When drawn in reverse, the card indicates resistance to change and the inability to let go of something that you need to leave in the past.

3. The Moon – The eighteenth card is symbolized by the image of wolves or dogs howling at a full moon. The moon card is thought to represent deception or the moment in life when things are not what they appear to be. Upright, this card represents anxiety and the projection of your fears onto something else. The reverse card often indicates that you are attempting to work through your fears or the deceptions you have been confronted with.

4. The Wheel Of Fortune – Card number ten, this card holds the image of a revolving wheel with three figures lingering close to the circle. In the image, there are also four winged figures in each corner of the card. The wheel of fortune represents change. Often this is seen as a change in wealth from rich to poor or poor to rich. When viewed upright, the card may mean a change in luck or destiny, often for the better. While a reversed card could signify an oncoming disappointment or period of bad luck.

There are many cards in the tarot deck that hold particular importance. However, as each reading and deck is up to the advisor, the cards used will often change depending upon the client’s questions. Situations involving temporary change and problems will usually be read using the cards of the Minor Arcana. While a life-changing or permanently disruptive scenario will usually prompt a reading using the Major Arcana cards.

What Are The Questions To Ask In Your Online Tarot Card Reading?

There are no specific questions that are assigned to Tarot Card Reading sessions. Instead, there are some rules and tips that clients should consider before their session in order to get the most from their reading.

To get the most accurate reading possible, clients should focus on a specific worry. Asking for a broad view of the future does your advisor little good when they must craft their deck dependent on your needs. Trying to decide on a specific worry before the reading is the best way to combat this scenario.

Never ask a closed question. The best way to gain information is through open-ended questions, which allow your advisor to guide you based on the information that they have gathered. Closed questions, especially over chat or email, might make your advisor seem abrupt and potentially ruin what could have possibly been a brilliant rapport between you.

If your advisor isn’t straightforward, ask for clarification. The session is meant to allow you insight, not further confuse you.

Examples of good questions:

  1. How can I fix my relationship with my partner?
  2. What path do I need to follow to get my promotion at work?
  3. How can I find true love?
  4. What can I do to keep my family happy?


The world of Tarot Card Reading is a wondrous one. By finding the right advisor, clients can access advice and guidance to help them navigate life’s frequent pitfalls. With an extensive history of success and the new opportunities arising from hundreds of online Tarot Card Reading sites, not taking the chance would be silly.

And for those who worry about the authenticity of the sites available on the Internet, our list is the perfect cheat code. By browsing the four sites we have identified, you will surely find the advisor and the price that could bring you peace of mind in these trying times. All you need to invest is a few minutes of time and a little patience.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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