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Free Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychic Experts Can Help With Destiny & Love Questions

Most of us are curious to know the future. Some of us want to hire a psychic to get a deeper insight into the past and the future. Others who face difficulties in life need someone to show them the light at the end of the tunnel of their troubles. Everyone has different reasons for hiring a psychic, but the problem is not all psychics are genuine.

Thousands of psychic readers claim to be experts, but sadly many of them are unreliable. Various online websites have psychics who do not have the proper skills to reveal one’s destiny. Investing money on those sites is just a waste of time. Don’t worry! Some accurate psychic reading platforms can help people make decisions and get clarity in life.

These authentic sites have the best online psychics for astrology reading, career reading, financial outlook, love readings etc., which help one find what the future has in store for them. These sessions usually start with open-ended questions and end with satisfactory answers and solutions.

We have compiled a list of four top websites based on;

  • Experience in business

  • Authenticity of psychic readers

  • Free minutes and services

  • Discounts and offers for new users

Read on to see which psychics you can trust.

List of Top Rated Psychic Reading Websites of 2021

Kasamba – Excellent reviews, great for love and tarot readings (First 3 Minutes Free)

California Psychics – Best Psychics for Instant Clarity ($1/minute sessions + 5 free minutes)

Keen Psychics – Best Introductory Offer (10 minutes for $1.99)

Psychic Source – Best Site for First Time Users (First 3 Minutes Free + 75% Off)

Kasamba: Well-known for Free Psychic Readings & Best Psychics

  • 50% off for new users
  • 3 first minutes free
  • Over 20 year of experience
  • Email, live chat, mobile app, and phone call facilities
  • PayPal accepted
  • Money-back guarantee that started servicing its clients in 1999, only has qualified advisors. Only the most gifted and experienced psychics are allowed here. The best thing is, all the previous clients’ reviews are visible on each advisor’s page. By reading those comments and feedback, new clients can identify the good psychics and book a psychic session with them. Plus, there are numerous kinds of readings like medium readings, online psychic phone readings, love readings, etc., to choose from.

Once the clients select the suitable advisor they want to talk to, clients’ can sign up on the site. The account opening is easy with just a click on the “chat” button. Then the users can follow the instructions to set up a username, password, and payment procedure hassle-freely. Besides, users are free to choose the chat or call option with their selected psychic at Kasamba. The filtering options available here help users to narrow down the one from hundreds of psychics.

Popular psychic reading services here are;

  • Love psychic

    All our relationships may or may not work. Sometimes these uncertainties and complexities in love life make one depressed. Love psychics help a person to make a relationship better. A free psychic reading session in Kasamba helps users get a whole new perspective in life and make better choices. The psychics here advise a user right away before they take a wrong step. They help the users to find satisfaction in life.

  • Tarot reading

    Tarot reading professionals at Kasamba can answer user’s questions and provide insights into pressing issues effortlessly. Different psychics use various decks of cards to reveal one’s destiny.

  • Personal astrology

    Astrologers at Kasamba are skilled in using the stars as a road map to one’s life. They can foresee the client’s past lives, present, destiny, love relationships, and more by studying the planetary positions.

  • Mediums

    A gifted psychic medium on this site can receive messages from deceased loved ones, angels, and pets. They help users receive messages from those who have left this world.

  • Numerology

    The experts on this site use the clients’ birthdates to provide deep insights into their life path.

What We like in Kasamba :

  • Affordable pricing

    Starting from only $ 1 per minute, the psychic sessions at Kasamba go up to $10. However, free chat for the first 3 minutes of every psychic session and 50% off for new clients make this site attention-worthy.

  • Array of services

    At Kasamba, users can get various types of Psychic services ranging from love tarot sessions, personal astrology reading, fortune-telling, numerology readings, etc.

  • Discounts for New users

    If you are looking for a psychic or tarot card reading online service, you must visit Kasamba. This website offers a terrific 50% off offer on a new user’s first session. Fortunately, this does not mean that they compromise with the quality of their services.

  • Detailed information on Psychics

    It is crucial to read and understand the specialties of psychics before selecting them for a tarot session. At Kasamba, the users get the opportunity to read the profile pages of each advisor. It helps them to pick the best psychics and hire the one they think is best for them.

What this site is lacking in;

  • Video sessions are not available

Click Here to Visit Kasamba – First 3 Minutes Free For Any Psychic

California Psychics – Best Psychics for Instant Clarity

  • California Psychics app
  • Trusted and Reliable Readers
  • Secure payment
  • Service rates as low as $1.00
  • 5 Minutes free (CODE: “ADD5”) + 80% Off

Helping the client who seeks spiritual guidance from 1995, California Psychics are proud of their psychic network. From small worries in life to gigantic issues and concerns, this website has experienced psychics who have solutions to all life problems. Their psychic reading and other future reading experts are direct, honest, and provide genuine answers to one’s queries. They help a client to build confidence in life and fight with the current problems in life efficiently. The best part is, their psychics go through an interview process where only the best psychics make it to the finish line.

California psychics are well-adept in using multiple tools such as astrology, tarot cards, Numerology, etc., to improve reading. While their astrology psychics experts can reveal one’s fate by reading the stars and planetary positions, Psychics can find the answers to clients’ questions. Therefore, no matter if the client is in trouble with concerns of the heart or complication in their career, California Psychics can help every user pronto.

Here is the list of their top-rated services;

  • Money psychic reading

    Today every employee tries to take extra measures to outdo others at work. However, with the cost of living rising, it is hard to keep up with the pace. Additionally, others are working hard to find a suitable career. Unfortunately, some of them can face failures and become hopeless in life. Consulting with a money psychic is one way to help those people get a confidence boost and manage their money in a better way.

  • Tarot reading

    Tarot readers of California Psychics can help a person excel in responsibilities related to professional life, family, money, relationship, business, etc., & lead a happy life by revealing their inner life secrets.

  • Pet psychic

    Experiencing communication with one’s pet is an extraordinary feeling. The expert Pet psychics in California Psychics not only help to understand what your pet is feeling but help you connect with your deceased pet as well. Remember, animals also mourn the loss of a family member, and Pet psychics can help a pet build trust with their owners and stay loyal to them.

  • Career psychic

    A career psychic at California Psychics can help clients’ handle layoffs and pay cuts and outshine when an opportunity arrives. They can tell the user when their career changes will be risky and help them make the right decision.

What we like about California Psychics :

  • Background searched psychic

    Every psychic in California Psychics goes through background checks and skill tests before joining their team. Therefore, when a person selects a psychic from this site, they are stress-free about the quality of the readings session they get.

  • Positive reviews

    Millions of customers have only good things to say about this site which makes it trustworthy. A client can easily find the ratings and reviews of the previous customers of this website online and then book a service.

  • Availability

    No matter what time of the day or week a client wants to book a phone psychic session, California Psychics are always available to help.

  • Wide range of services

    From love relationships, money & finance, life path reading to connect with a deceased loved one, all kinds of Psychic consultations are available here.

Click Here To Visit California Psychics – Starting at $1.00 a Minute

Keen: Best Introductory Offer

  • Mobile app for live psychic or astrology readings
  • $1.99 for 10 minutes sessions
  • Most Diverse Pool of Psychics
  • Phone and chat psychics facilities available 24×7
  • Three free minutes per session with more attractive discounts

The Keen Psychics started their platform for tarot and other psychic readings in 1999. Today they have over 1,700 online psychics and many satisfied customers all over the world. Users can effortlessly signup on to their website and choose from the best Psychics available online.

Additionally, this website also has a user-friendly website and offers various filtering options that help users find their desirable psychics. Therefore, those seeking deeper insight into their love life, career, and future, can trust a tarot reading online session at Keen. Their list of services includes free psychic reading by phone, love predictions, tarot card reading online, financial outlook, life predictions, etc. Take a look at their top services.

  • Life reading

    Sometimes we feel lost in life and need someone to push us in the right direction. A life reading helps users get back on track in life and find clarity. A life reading expert at Keen, make their decision and guidance based on individual strengths and weaknesses. They help one to understand their goals in life. Besides, they prepare them for coping with the difficulties coming their way in the future.

  • Tarot Reading

    A tarot deck has 78 cards, and every card has different meanings. Therefore, proficient tarot card readers use these cards to find the answers and solutions to one’s queries and offer clear outcomes. To get a fresh perspective of life or find a solution to a specific issue in ones’ life, a person can contact Tarot readers at Keen.

  • Spiritual Readings

    Spiritual reading not only helps in spiritual, psychological, and emotional evolution, but it also helps a person to find the deeper meaning of life.

  • Psychic Mediums

    The keen advisors are skilled to help users connect with a deceased loved one. They can also help users connect with spirit guides and angels. Psychic mediums are adept at communicating with departed pets or get a glance at users’ past lives.

We like the Keen platform because:

  • Cheapest site of all

    Many authentic sites provide affordable pricing packages for psychic sessions. However, what makes the Keen famous is their $1.99 only for 10 Minutes consultations. People who want to try out future reading for the first time can surely choose this site to understand how psychic services work.

  • Enjoy services anywhere, anytime.

    Users always prefer those websites more that are optimized for their convenience. The keen site, therefore, provides its users a psychic app ideal choice for on-the-go readings.

  • Secure and Safe platform

    The Keen portal is 100% private and confidential. The data or any financial information that the client shares are encrypted, and no one can misuse it. Therefore, users can make payments without any stress or hesitations.

What Keen platform lacks in;

  • Sessions are only available online.

Click Here To Connect With Keen Highly skilled readers at only $1.99

Psychic Source – low rates high-quality service

  • Budget-friendly rates starting from $0.66
  • 3 minutes free to get a taste of their services
  • Great Customer Experience
  • 24×7 available experts for future reading, career, and love readings
  • A quick chat, phone call, and Video session facilities

Psychic Source was established in 1989 and gained popularity because of its top-quality psychic & future reading services. This website offers a host of other psychic reading services, like horoscope reading, astrology, etc. The best thing is, people who want to book online psychic reading sessions can reach out to the advisor here by phone calls, chat, and video call facilities.

This site not only guarantees 100% service satisfaction but offers risk-free services. The personal information that the clients give is always private, and the website never shares it with anyone else. Therefore, if a person’s career is in jeopardy or their love life is going through ups and downs, Psychic Source has perfect guides who can help.

  • Love readings

    Every person faces difficulties in their relationships, whether it is with their partner or family. Therefore, love and relationships are no less than a battlefield that goes through various twists and turns. Free psychic love reading sessions by expert Psychics help users to simplify those complexities of their love life and live optimistically. Psychic Source guides have proper skills to understand the depth of one’s relationships and lead their way towards a peaceful love Life.

  • Astrology reading

    An astrology reader can study the current positions of the celestial bodies, and provide users information about their desires, motivations, and personality. They help a person understand how the choices they make today & tomorrow affect their future. At Psychic Source, astrology readers guide users towards the correct path of their life and help them cope with difficult situations.

  • Dream interpretation

    At Psychic Source, proficient dream analysis experts help users to understand the meaning behind their dreams. They make sure that revealing the meaning of dreams has a positive impact on the users.

  • Tarot card readings

    From different tarot decks, angel cards, and love tarot reading, Psychic Source is an excellent website where you can connect with competent psychics who believe in helping people.

We like Psychic Source because:

  • Ease of services

    Although many people are interested in booking a psychic session, often it becomes hard to find a genuine psychic and contact them. Thanks to technological development, at Psychic Source, it is easy to book a session via phone call, video call, or online chat.

  • Truthfulness

    With the rising popularity of psychic online, there are scammers on the internet who can trick people anytime. These fraud psychics don’t have any knowledge, and investing money in them is useless. Fortunately, at Psychic Source, all psychics and guides are screened and tested for authenticity. This website only employs those who have the right skills to guide the users and help them in life.

  • Experienced advisors

    Revealing someone’s fate is not a simple job. It requires years of knowledge, skills, and passion. Therefore, on this website, users will only find advisors who have at least ten years of experience. Now, this ensures that the clients only get top-quality service and their questions are answered honestly.

  • Service satisfaction

    Psychic Source offers 100% satisfaction assurance as they have a massive number of services and best in the industry psychics. Psychic readings here come with discounts and rewards for new as well as old users. Their session rates start from $0.66 per minute with three free minutes initially. New clients can book $1 a minute for up to 30 minutes.

Therefore, overall this website is a decent choice for online future reading sessions. To see why this website is one of the best, book a session you won’t be disappointed.

Click Here Connect to Psychic Source Highly Rated Readers With Free 3 Minutes

Can any person be a psychic reader?

Technically, suddenly becoming a psychic reader is not possible. A person without proper knowledge and skills cannot see someone else’s future and without experience anyone cannot read these tarot cards or horoscopes. One has to remember that for correct interpretation of the astrological birth charts, tarot or Angel cards, one will require years of expertise. Therefore, only a gifted psychic can understand a person’s past and people and decipher the meanings of their life situations.

Beware of the websites that hire people with no experience and offer future readings. Therefore, while exploring paid or free psychic reading near me, make sure that the advisors are well-adept at what they do.

What are pro tips to discover the best psychic Reader online?

Being satisfied with a psychic session is impossible if the client doesn’t find a skilled psychic. Follow these tips to find a psychic that a client can rely on for finding solutions to their life problems.

  • Invest time in research

    Spending a little time on research can help a user to identify the best psychic websites and advisors. Fortunately, it is a hassle-free job, nowadays with user-optimized websites. One can narrow down the psychic they want to work with based on their preferences. Many sites offer options, like psychic profiles based on experience, skills, and charges that users can use. Plus, the free first few minutes of the psychic session help a user decide whether they want to go on with the advisor or not.

  • Read Reviews

    Today authentic psychic websites have review sections that new users can read. This feedback comes from the previous users and helps the new ones decide which psychics are best. Moreover, the reviews give an idea of what the particular psychics are good at and why one should choose them. Remember, 5-star ratings necessarily mean that the Psychic will be best for a user. The success of a psychic session by phone will depend on what is the problem of the client. For example, a person facing a career problem must go to a career expert rather than a psychic reader.

  • Don’t stop searching!

    Searching for a reliable psychic for a free psychic reading online session is tiring. However, one must keep in mind that every psychic is different, and one bad experience should not affect a user. If one doesn’t feel connected to a particular Psychic, they can always look for others. An advisor who is an ideal choice for another person might not work for others. Therefore, be patient and keep searching for the perfect guide.

Is psychic reading online accurate?

One always has to remember that not everything completely free is good. There are fraudulent websites that attract customers by offering them phone psychic readings. Therefore, it is best to invest some money on the sites like Keen and Kasamba who have affordable pricing and discounts if one wants to benefit from an accurate love reading. An efficient psychic will charge the clients, but will also assure them that the answers they provide are authentic. This review features some of the top online tarot card reader websites available, making it easier for clients to find a trustworthy website. Therefore, clients can choose wisely and enrich every aspect of their life.

What are the main factors behind a successful psychic session?

Often many people complain that even if they booked a session with a 5 star rated psychic, they were not satisfied. Well, the reason behind this is simple. One has to understand that psychic sessions online free always depends on both the person involved. For example, here are a few things that affect the outcome of psychic sessions.

  • Open interaction

    The straightforwardness of a person in a psychic or tarot card reading session can have a massive impact on the results. Psychics and readers can fully understand what the tarot cards are saying only when they have a clear picture of the users’ life. Therefore, if a user opens up to the advisors, they can interpret the cards correctly.

  • Reader’s skills

    Different psychics have distinct skill sets. Some are good at past life readings, while others may be best in astrology or tarot readings. Choosing a reader based on their skills is vital when it comes to accurate tarot card consultations.

  • The Connection Between the psychic and the user

    When a person faces a difficult situation and cannot handle life issues, the psychic readers act as a guide and life mentor. However, if there is no connection between the reader and the client, even proficient Psychics can’t provide correct judgments or make things clear. Therefore, it is critical to be open and honest about one’s situation and problems while conversing with a psychic.

What are the things a new user must keep in mind before an online psychic reading ?

When a person books a psychic reading session, he/she may be skeptical about it or nervous. Remember, if one goes with an open mind and thinks about the session positively, they can benefit from it more than others. Here are a few tips that can help a client get the most out of a psychic session.

  • Don’t Be Judgmental !

    As mentioned earlier, being cynical about a psychic or not believing what a psychic had to say makes a session worthless. Remember, the client doesn’t have to agree with the Psychic advisor all the time, but being judgmental is not going to help. Therefore, let the advisor do their job, listen to what they have to say and then decide. Surprisingly, the sites like Kasamba have a money-back guarantee. So if one is not satisfied with the psychic, they can request a refund. Plus, if clients find a particular tarot session uncomfortable, they can end the session whenever they want.

  • Always ask the Right Questions

    If a client goes in totally blank in a psychic reading session and has no questions or queries, they might not be satisfied at the end. Remember! It is essential that the client has at least a few queries in mind and asks them clearly to the advisor they choose.

  • Selecting the Right Reader is vital.

    To find the best psychic near me based on their skills and personality, users have many options now! The websites like Kasamba, Keen, California Psychics, etc., have filters on their website that make finding psychics easier. Users can effortlessly select advisors based on skills, experience, feedback, ratings, etc.

Why opting for a free psychic reading online session is better than visiting a psychic in person?

With the competition rising in every field, from education to jobs, it is hard to find time to visit a fortune-teller. Therefore, it is best to take advantage of technology and go for an online session that saves time and money. Here are a few reasons why hiring an online psychic is better than booking a session in person.

  • Limitless options

    A person may search for a psychic reading near me and get a few names available locally. However, with online readings, one can make their selection from thousands of psychics available on the internet. As a client is no longer limited to the psychics nearby, their chances of finding an accurate psychic increase. The unlimited selection guarantees that one will find a good fit for them.

  • Available 24/7

    Online psychics are available 24/7, each day and night of the year, whenever users need them. Unfortunately, flexibility is not possible with an in-person session where one has to book a session first, then schedule a time beforehand.

  • No Travel expense

    Earning money is not a matter of a joke. It requires hard work and patience. With online psychic sessions available, people don’t have to go halfway around the world to find a psychic and waste money. With online fortune readers available via call or chat, no matter where the users are, they can enjoy a psychic session anytime from anywhere.

How many types of Psychics are there?

There are various types of psychics from birth chart readers, palm readers, spirit medium, tarot readers, clairvoyants, etc. There is a list of a few types of psychics a client can find online.

  • Medium

    Mediums are those who specialize in connecting with souls of a deceased person. Mediums can get the messages from a departed soul and help a person to process their grief in a better way.

  • Clairvoyant

    Clairvoyants are blessed with a vision that a normal person doesn’t have. They can foresee future events and relay this information to the user.

  • Channeler

    If a user wants to communicate with a pets or his/her guardian angel, Channelers are the most ideal choice. Channelers can help an user communicate with a non-physical being by reading their minds and translating it into human words.

  • Empath

    When a person is feeling down and seeks emotional guidance, empaths are known to the best psychics who can help. These kinds of psychics are sensitive and have the ability to sense the users thinking and feeling. They understand a person suffering emotionally, and help them find contentment again.

Is psychic readings by phone or chat better than Email psychic services?

There are different advantages of future readings through phone, chat, or email. While some people would benefit more from phone readings, others may be satisfied with online chat. As long as the client is open and has a great rapport with the psychic, they will benefit from a session.

Therefore, if the clients prefer talking on the phone over texting, they can go for a phone session. Those who are more comfortable communicating via text can select the chat option. Email psychic reading will benefit those who are busy & don’t have time for phone calls or chat. The best thing is, a user can always switch between phone, email, and chat services according to their mood & preferences.

What is the difference between Psychic reading and Angel Card Reading?

Promising free psychics or even paid ones can tell about a person’s past, present situations, and future. They have the special skills of future predictions that don’t necessarily need a card or tools.

Angel cards readers work differently than psychics. Angel card readers use the user’s guardian angels to reveal their present situations rather than predicting their destiny. Therefore, psychic readers and angel card readers are totally different, and a person who wants to get clarity about their future or past troubles won’t get any help from Angel card reading.


Sadly, every person faces problems in life whether it is a financial crisis, trouble in love life, or a career. Fortunately, the websites reviewed in this article can help people find a helping guide who can find solutions to their troubles. These mentioned websites are not only reliable but go easy on the pockets of users too. A client is allowed to see all the details of the Psychics, pricing packages, and then decide what’s best for them.

Therefore, do not hesitate, try out any of the sites above to reap the benefits of a best psychic reading online. The clients who are not satisfied with the outcome don’t need to be discouraged. Unsatisfied clients’ can reach out to the customer services of the websites and ask for a refund. Remember, it’s all about connecting with an advisor who will suit the client best. So clients’ must keep trying until they find their right fit and live life to the fullest.

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