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Best CBD Oils to Try (2020 Buying Guide)

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CBD oils are a popular health supplement for alleviating pain, inflammation, anxiety, and more.

These claims aren’t left unvalidated. There have been hundreds of research articles published over the last ten years, highlighting the many applications of CBD and other cannabis-derived compounds. While we still need more research to validate some of the CBDs suggested uses, the results have been promising so far.

When choosing a CBD oil, look for companies that have a solid track record. This is indicated by a healthy supply of positive customer-reviews and evidence of third-party testing (to prove the potency and safety of the oils).

There are too many CBD companies these days selling sub-par CBD oils to the American public. Some brands will list impressive potencies on the side of the bottle but can’t back these claims up with testing. Other companies increase profit margins with cheap, overseas hemp. Many of which are contaminated with mold, heavy metals, toxic pesticides, or chemical preservatives that can end up in your CBD oil.

If you’re not interested in taking the time to research CBD brands yourself, check out our shortlist below of the best CBD oils to try in 2020. All three brands have a loyal customer base, provide satisfaction guarantees, and post third-party lab tests live on the website.

Best CBD Oil Brands for 2020

1. Royal CBD Oil — Editor’s Choice

Royal CBD oil - Editor's Pick

Product Details:

Total CBD250 mg – 2500 mg
Available FlavorsNatural, Berry, Mint, Vanilla
Potency (mg/mL)8.5 – 85 mg/mL
Extract TypeFull-Spectrum

Royal CBD is one of the leading CBD brands in the United States — and for a good reason. This company ticks all the boxes we’re looking for in quality CBD products. This California-based CBD brand sources its hemp from local organic hemp farmers and extracts the active ingredients using state-of-the-art supercritical CO2.

This means no toxic chemical solvents are used at any stage in the production process. The organic hemp means the crops were grown in contaminant-free soils, and haven’t been sprayed with harmful pesticides.

But don’t take Royal CBDs word for it. The company sends samples from each batch to a third-party lab where it’s tested to determine the actual CBD levels, along with other cannabinoids and terpenes. The samples are also inspected for over 100 potential contaminant sources.

These third-party test results are posted live on the company website where you can check them out yourself.

There are also a large number of recommendations for this oil from media outlets and expert-led cannabis resources (such as Weed News, CFAH, We Be High, and LA Weekly).

Royal CBD oils are priced at an incredible value. The company makes what are considered premium CBD oils — rich in hemp-derived phytochemicals such as CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN, THCV, and dozens of active terpenes. Even the carrier oil comes from an organic MCT oil base.

Despite the high-quality and potency of these oils, Royal CBD refuses to increase the price — offering each product at or below industry-average pricing.

You can order Royal CBD oils online in four potency options:

  • Low-potency — 250 mg per ounce
  • Medium-potency — 500 mg per ounce
  • High-potency — 1000 mg per ounce
  • Ultra-high potency — 2500 mg per ounce

You can also choose from four flavor options:

  • Peppermint
  • Vanilla
  • Berry (raspberry-flavored)
  • Natural (unflavored)

While all Royal CBD oils are well worth the money, the 1000 mg or 2500 mg bottle offers the best bang for your buck — costing you less than $0.10 per milligram of CBD included in the bottle (compare this to around $0.15 per mg for comparable oils).

  • Best priced premium full-spectrum oils
  • Four flavor and potency options
  • In-house and third-party lab tested
  • Highly reviewed online
  • Only one size option available (30 mL)
  • Only available online (not in stores)

2. Gold Bee CBD Oil — Runner-Up

Gold Bee CBD Oil - Runner Up

Product Details:

Total CBD300 mg – 1200 mg
Available FlavorsUnflavored, Honey
Potency (mg/mL)10 – 40 mg/mL
Extract TypeFull-Spectrum

Gold Bee is a small CBD brand operating out of California. The company began by selling organic honey and superfoods produced on the founder’s family-owned farm.

In early 2019, one of the founders came up with an innovative hemp extraction method that allowed them to maintain up to 95% of the plant’s original terpene profile.

Terpenes are an essential ingredient in full-spectrum CBD oils because they provide additional benefits that compound CBD and other cannabinoids.

Most extraction methods maintain high levels of cannabinoids in the final product but at the sacrifice of the terpenes. These molecules are heat and pH-sensitive and quickly degenerate during production.

Gold Bee maintains high levels of both the cannabinoids and terpenes in its CBD oils — making them anywhere from 10–25% more potent than oils of equivalent strengths.

The company first sold its oils to local California dispensaries. The brand has won several awards and national recognition by publications such as Observer, Venture Beat, SF Weekly,. The company was having a hard time keeping up with the new demand. Shortly after, the company began to expand operations to include two new extraction facilities and an online store.

Anyone in the United States can order Gold Bee products and have them shipped directly to their front door.

Gold Bee CBD oils are made from organic hemp, third-party tested, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

These oils are available in three different potencies:

  • Low-potency — 300 mg per ounce
  • Medium-potency — 600 mg per ounce
  • High-potency — 1200 mg per ounce

As a premium CBD oil, this product has a rich hemp flavor (an essential indicator of quality). We recommend you give the honey-flavored version a try for those who dislike the natural flavor of hemp extracts.

Each bottle is flavored with Gold Bee’s organic honey, which does an excellent job of masking the natural flavor of a premium terpene-rich hemp oil. For the best value for your dollar, opt for the 1200 mg strength. This allows you to experiment with your dosing needs from low to high with one bottle.

  • Terpene-rich full-spectrum extract
  • Three potencies available
  • Excellent price for premium quality
  • Available in natural or honey infused
  • Third-party lab tested
  • High product demand — product may be temporarily out of stock
  • Only one size option available (30 mL)

3. Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

Product Details:

Total CBD125 mg – 4000 mg
Available FlavorsNatural, Acai Berry, Chocolate Mint, Orange Creamsicle, Peppermint, Watermelon
Potency (mg/mL)4.2 – 133 mg/mL
Extract TypeCBD Isolate

Hemp Bombs is the largest company on the list, with a lot of positive reviews. These oils contain CBD isolates instead of full-spectrum extracts. This allows the company to ship to countries where CBD oils must not contain even trace amounts of THC — which is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

The only exception here is the UK, where CBD products are routinely stopped at the border.

While none of the other brands on this list have any psychoactive effects, they may contain trace amounts of THC.

Hemp Bombs products come in a wide range of flavors and potencies, ranging from a very low-potency 125 mg per ounce option, all the way up to 5000 mg per ounce.

CBD isolates aren’t as strong as an equivalent dose of full-spectrum oil (due to a concept called the entourage effect). You may need to use higher doses of isolated CBD products like these CBD oils from Hemp Bombs.

Hemp Bombs makes this easy with its range of ultra-high potency CBD oils — 1000 mg, 3000 mg, and 5000 mg per ounce.

These products also come with the best value for your money.

As with any reputable supplier, all Hemp Bombs CBD oils are tested in third-party labs for quality control and transparency. On top of this, every order is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

  • Guaranteed THC-free
  • Ships internationally
  • Seven flavors and six strength options
  • Budget-friendly
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Lacks benefits from other hemp-derived compounds
  • Requires higher doses
  • Only one size option available (30 mL)

Full-Spectrum vs. CBD Isolate

There’s a fundamental difference between a full-spectrum hemp extract and a CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum products contain the entire array of active cannabis derivatives — including CBD, other cannabinoids (CBC, CBN, CBG, etc,), terpenes (myrcene, bisabolol, pinen, etc.), and various other phytochemicals (sterols, esters, vitamins, minerals, etc.).

The collective effects of all these different ingredients compound together to produce the overall effect profile of the oil. Full-spectrum products are the most broad-acting and have the highest potency per milligram of CBD.

CBD isolates are different from full-spectrum products in that they’re made from a 99% pure CBD extract. All the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytochemicals have been removed.

Isolates are generally cheaper to buy and provide more consistent results (only one active ingredient means fewer variables from one batch to another). The downside is that they tend to be weaker and aren’t useful for as many symptoms compared to a full-spectrum extract.

You can boost the effects of a CBD isolate by using terpene concentrates. You can choose from individual terpenes or terpene blends for specific applications. The best source for concentrated terpene extracts is Finest Labs.

Integrating CBD Oil Into Your Supplement Regimen Effectively

CBD oil has many different benefits, but it works best when integrated into a targeted supplement regimen. The best supplements to take CBD oil with depends on your individual symptoms or condition.

Here are a few examples of supplement stacks to use CBD alongside:

1. For stress & anxiety — CBD oil, magnesium, kava kava

2. For sleep support — CBD oil, melatonin, L-theanine

3. For joint pain & arthritis — CBD oil, glucosamine, boswellia

4. For pain & inflammation — CBD oil, turmeric, fish oil

Final Thoughts: What’s the Best CBD Oil for 2020?

Ordering a quality CBD oil isn’t as easy as it should be these days. With so many CBD companies competing for your attention, and an utter lack of regulation from the FDA, there are a ton of CBD oils that aren’t worth the money. There are even a few that contain contaminants that can be harmful to your health.

Avoiding these products isn’t as easy as you’d think. Always look for positive customer feedback via online reviews or expert recommendations, and never order from a company that doesn’t provide complete third-party testing.

If you’re not interested in researching and want a solid recommendation for a reputable CBD company, we highly recommend Royal CBD.

For the best value, check out the 1000 mg or 2500 mg bottles of full-spectrum CBD oil — these oils have the best cost to potency ratio you’re likely to find online.

To see the lowest prices, click here.

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