5 Best Dissertation Writing Services in US

Writing a dissertation is, perhaps, one of the most tasking jobs for college students. The fast-paced nature of modern society has made it harder for students to spare time for completing voluminous assignments like dissertations. Dissertations demand extensive research, consultation of vast sources, and the writing of copious notes. Sometimes even the most determined and spirited students give up along the way. Not forgetting that modern students have to juggle work, family, and education, putting a further strain on them. Companies that help with dissertations have emerged, making the journey less treacherous for students. Therefore, I have prepared a list of five of the most reliable companies I worked with and got value for my money. The companies are not perfect, but they will go above and beyond for your satisfaction.

  1. cheapwritingservice.com
  2. thesishelp.net
  3. academicexperts.com
  4. collegepaperworld.com
  5. write-right.net

Cheapwritingservice.com – Best Overall

Anyone who has tried cheapwritingservice.com can confirm that it’s one of the most reliable, efficient, and dependable online writing companies. While the company has been positioned as “A cheap essay writing service you can rely on,” everything about it is of premium quality. You can get a quality paper for just $10 per page. One of their most significant advantages is the quick and seamless ordering process. As soon as you click “order now,” you’re instantly transferred to the order placement page, where minimal information is required. In fact, it takes less than three minutes to place an order and another five or less to be matched with a writer. Customers are spared the long wait involving customer-writer matching experienced in other companies. About 90% of the time, you’ll be matched with the most qualified writer in your subject area and level of study, minimizing the chances of getting shoddy work. The company also has the most responsive customer service. They are dedicated to service delivery and are available 24/7 via email, skype, WhatsApp, telegram, and phone calls. Its main competitive advantages include:

  • Unbeatable prices – from $10
  • Unrivaled customer support
  • Effective and efficient customer-writer matching.
  • Quick and seamless ordering process.

Thesishelp.net – Second Best

The company provides thesis writing help as its primary objective. Its positioning message is, “Your personal thesis assistant.” Even though the company offers other essay writing services, its focus on thesis writing makes it a favorite destination for students working on dissertations. Furthermore, its writers are chosen based primarily on their dissertation writing skills. Trust me; selecting a dissertation writer from a large pool of highly qualified dissertation writers is better than from a grouping of general essay writers. Furthermore, return customers can work with the writers they have worked with in the past, improving consistency and efficiency. Thesishelp.net prices begin at $20 per page, making it a moderately priced company. However, it is unlikely for any customer to regret the costs, given that they get the best dissertation writing services in return. Moreover, the company has fantastic offers for both new and existing customers, which sometimes compensate for the high pricing. They also provide “Progressive Delivery,” which is vital for long orders. A customer can request a 100-page thesis and divide it into six sections to be completed progressively. Better yet, customers only approve the sections they are satisfied with. In summary, its main advantages include:

  • A focus on dissertations.
  • Progressive delivery provision.
  • Great customer support.
  • Top-quality writers.
  • Customer-writer matching based on academic discipline and level of study.
  • Offers and discounts.

Collegepaperworld.com – Third Best

Collegepaperworld.com can easily pass under the radar as an ordinary online writing company until you try it out. The company has a simple website that loads fast and prioritizes the ordering process. It focuses on college students, especially those pursuing undergraduate studies. The niche has a broad customer base with less complex orders. On the flip side, they can hardly afford premium prices, which could explain the company’s low pricing, which starts at $10. Additionally, it has a large pool of writers (330) qualified in over 70 disciplines, making handling all kinds of papers easier. Even though all online writing companies offer free custom formatting, their services are often limited to the main writing styles such as MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard. Collegepaperworld allows its customers to demand any formatting style, including providing a unique sample. The company also has a reliable support team that responds to customers’ issues promptly and exhaustively. It ranks third for the following:

  • Affordability.
  • Flexible formatting and customization.
  • A large pool of qualified writers (330)
  • A variety of disciplines covered.
  • Excellent support team.

Write-right.net – Embodiment of affordability

When you land on this company’s home page, you’re greeted by the message, “We are the cheapest paper writing company.” Well, many writing companies make the same claim. However, Write-Right.net backs up their claim. Although their prices begin at $10 like many other companies, their massive discount regime often brings it down as low as $8 per page. No company, especially one providing good quality, can beat that. Their dedication to fighting plagiarism is also inspiring. They guarantee zero plagiarism or a full refund, and save you money by providing an accompanying plagiarism report! One of its most unique features is a “live testimonials” section, which shows what customers have said about their orders. I had dismissed it as fake until I saw my comment popup after I rated my order. I got inspired to read other customers’ testimonials and can assure you that they are mostly satisfied with the service. Further, it has a money-back guarantee which protects customers from poor quality work, lateness, plagiarism, and writers’ failure to revise papers. In summary, the company ranks high in:

  • Being the most affordable.
  • Providing plagiarism guarantee.
  • Quality guarantee.
  • Live customer review

Academicexperts.com – A shark tank!

This is probably the oldest company in the online writing industry. With over 15 years of experience, Academicexperts.com is responsible for assisting thousands of students transition from high school through undergraduate, master’s, and PhD levels. The company has one of the most rigorous recruitment processes, ensuring that only the best writers join its ranks. Over the last few years, their recruitment has focused on technical writers, e.g., lawyers, engineers, programmers, medics, and economists. This is the right place if you’re a student studying sciences and other technical subjects. Furthermore, the company allows its customers to participate in selecting writers for their papers. The process is transparent, allowing customers to work with writers who suit their needs the most. Additionally, the company provides three samples of a writer’s work for verification in case a customer needs reassurance. The company’s dedication to beating customers’ deadlines is worth mentioning. They push their writers to deliver papers ahead of time, allowing the support team to verify and send them to customers beforehand. While their prices start a bit higher, $15 per page, their quality guarantee is unbeatable. The company appears in this list because:

  • Its bidding system allows customers to participate in selecting writers.
  • Availability of expert writers.
  • Handling technical subjects.
  • Flexible deadlines starting from just 8 hours.
  • Quality guarantee.
  • Free unlimited revisions.

Dissertation writing help: How to choose the best company

The biggest question is, how do you choose the company that provides the best dissertation writing services in such a crowded industry? How can you differentiate scammers from legitimate service providers? Remember that it is okay to seek help. However, it would help if you got value for your money and not be afraid of blackmail or conning. Having ordered several papers online over the years, even before I embarked on this journey of reviewing online writing companies, I have learned a few critical issues to look out for before placing that order.

Communication. A reputable company cares about you and your concerns. Watch out for warning signs such as slow response to emails and chats and unanswered phone calls. If they’re slow when accepting your order or making inquiries, they’ll likely be even slower to respond to your complaints. In fact, I have realized that companies that “ghost” customers become unresponsive immediately after an order is confirmed. When large amounts of money are involved, please make an effort to call. A phone call exposes a lot. For instance, you may hear foreign accents or distorted calls, indicating that the company is masking its operations. Lastly, watch out for the content and tone of chats. Does the person responding to your conversations display a high level of knowledge and competence on your subject? Are they in a hurry to close sales instead of convincing you about the quality of their services? Every single detail matters when dealing with a new company on the internet.

Service guarantees. Service guarantees are your backup plan. You never know when you’ll need a refund for a promise unfulfilled. Many companies offering dissertation help services have a range of guarantees, including unlimited revisions, plagiarism-free papers, confidentiality, and a money-back guarantee. Others even provide an A+ grade guarantee. While guarantees are easy to give, fulfilling them is something else. Therefore, don’t fall for all types of guarantees. A company that offers way too many guarantees is unlikely to fulfill any of them. From personal experience, one company refused to meet its guarantee of a full refund in case of plagiarism, stating my refund claim was late. I was refunded approximately 23% of the money I had paid. However, I later realized that the writer who did my assignment was fined 100% for the order. In short, the company benefitted from my misfortune, and I lost twice because the writer refused to accept my subsequent orders. To be fair, he was a good writer who failed to indicate the source of a picture he had downloaded from the internet.

Offer paper customization. Is the company providing writing services that match each customer’s profile? Do they ask such questions when you place your order? I am not talking about intruding into your privacy here. I mean asking a few questions that define you, the ones that are likely to shape your paper. I read interesting feedback from a disgruntled student that has stuck in my mind for months. The student claimed that an online essay writing company had refused to refund his money despite providing an unsatisfactory essay. It was a high school-level essay on “The worst day of my life.” The writer wrote about her early life in China, their move to the USA as immigrants, a no-nonsense structural engineering father, and her rape at the hands of a neighbor. She crowned it with a strong message of dislike for her new country, the USA. Ironically, the student was a boy who paid for his essay using her mum’s credit card. A Caucasian American who had never gone to China. While the essay was solid and met all standards for the highest grade, every detail in it was inaccurate. The company didn’t refund the customer because he failed to provide basic information that could’ve guided the writer. While quality was delivered to perfection, customization wasn’t. Language proficiency should also matter. An international ESL learner shouldn’t be given a native proficiency level paper. You can avoid such troubles by providing essential information for completing your essays and letting writers add flesh to the skeleton. If a company doesn’t ask, they likely offer general writing services, which may not help with dissertations. Be on the lookout.

Diversity of disciplines. This is one of the most important variables when choosing an online writing company. A company offering diverse disciplines will likely have many writers, a sizable support team, and better services. At least, we can agree that getting a top writer in a pool of many qualified writers is more effortless than within a thin team. Companies that specialize in a few disciplines are likely to be in garages. They’re likely to charge you more, delay your order, or fail to refund you.

Test essays. Test essays are like pilot studies. They help you test the waters before committing. Dissertations are capital intensive. It is unwise to order a complete paper before knowing a writer’s expertise, the company’s commitment to quality, and other essential variables such as timeliness, plagiarism, and responsiveness. The best option is to order a problem statement section for a start, then commit once satisfied.

Use reviews. Trust me, reviews are crucial when choosing online writing companies. However, the challenge is that most companies pay for them, making it harder to differentiate authentic reviews from fake ones. This is not limited to the online writing industry. Hotels, restaurants, and online retailers, among others, have been accused of paying for fake reviews. So, how do you avoid fake reviews and benefit from authentic ones? I have put together a few techniques to use below.

Spotting genuine reviews for PhD dissertation help

Reviews can help you avoid unnecessary disappointments, especially when looking for help with big projects. However, with the increasing volume of fake reviews online, you’ll need to know where, when, and who to look out for. I have been using a few tricks to filter fake reviews. Please check them out.

Social media. Social media has completely revolutionized our ways of interaction and communication. People post almost everything about them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. It has almost become a crime to eat without posting the meal, go out with friends without posting photos and videos, or go to the gym or for a walk without saying it. This is especially common with the younger generation. Consequently, talks about thesis writing help often pop up in social media groups. Check them out and make your judgment.

Critical news articles. Some journalists have been writing articles condemning essay-writing companies. Some articles provide evidence of the companies they hired and the quality of the essays they got. Notwithstanding their ethical positions, you can use their works as a review source.

Company websites. Some companies provide live customer testimonials. From my personal experience, the testimonials are often genuine. If in doubt, post your testimonial and look out for it. If it takes time to appear on the site, then you should know that they are moderated and unhelpful.

Official review websites. Some companies specialize in product and service reviews for users, especially those who want to remain anonymous but have their voices heard. Companies like Sitejabber and Trustpilot provide genuine reviews posted by real humans who tried or used specific products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I use a dissertation writing service?

Earning a doctoral degree is both demanding and draining. It is estimated that 50 percent of students fail to complete their PhDs. Most students who quit are overwhelmed by work, family, and college responsibilities. It is never about being ill-equipped or mentally retarded. They fail to recognize when to seek PhD dissertation help. Don’t be among the failures. Use a writing service if you encounter difficulties along the way.

Can I get someone to write my dissertation?

We can at least agree that most people love things that make their lives easier. Online thesis help can be used in two main ways. First, you can consult a writer to edit and proofread your completed work to make it flawless. Universities insist on getting professional editors for your thesis to eliminate errors you might overlook. Online thesis writing companies can provide the service for you. Secondly, you can use a writer to complete sections you’re incompetent or less knowledgeable about. For example, most students struggle with the data analysis section of a thesis. It is okay to get someone to help you in such a case. Still, you can seek help for any other reason you deem necessary.

How much does a dissertation cost?

The cost of a dissertation is widely varied. The best dissertation writing services are expensive, with some going up to $6,000. However, the main issue here should be the quality you get because sometimes expensiveness doesn’t translate into quality. I have paid premium rates for essays that turned out worse.

Can they write a dissertation in three days?

I am not you, but I had a few “close calls” when working on my Master’s thesis that pushed me to the extremes. I had my document almost complete. All I needed was to edit it and add preliminary pages. There was nothing to worry about. So, I went on partying and traveling around the world. I can’t remember how many days I woke up sober or knowing where I was. Then I received a call from my supervisor that my final defense had been pushed forward by two weeks – less than 48 hours to the day. I had to rush back home, but there wasn’t enough time to complete my document. The company I engaged divided the work into sections, assigned them different writers, and delivered in less than 8 hours. It wasn’t the most coherent work, but I hacked my defense. Everything is possible with these online writing companies.

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