Supports Jim Waddell’s position on lower Snake River dams

Jim Waddell makes the Public Power Council really uncomfortable because he challenges its facts, figures and conclusions about the reality of the lower Snake River dams (LSRD).

He challenges all who support keeping the LSRD functioning because the facts lead him and many others to conclude that turbines are at the end of their useful life.

They are 50 years old and need replacement at a cost of somewhere around 1 billion dollars.

Salmon and steelhead movements up and down the Snake are severely impacted by those dams and may face extinction along with Southern Resident Orcas.

Wind and solar now produce significantly more energy than those four dams and cheaper.

Grain can go to market by rail while Lewiston could readjust to being a recreational hub for the area to include exciting river adventures.

The barges are currently being federally subsidized at the rate of $30,000 per trip while more grain is being shipped by rail each year.

Irrigation water can once again be pulled out of the free flowing river as in the past.

Indeed Jim Waddell presents a message that disturbs those who have not taken a hard look at the LSRD.

He is a messenger, a prolific researcher and has the experiential background to dig deeply into the facts that lead to the best outcomes for all of us.

I strongly encourage everyone to read, “New Perspectives, Lower Snake River Hydropower” by Linwood Laughy. It is available on Google.

Richard DeBusman


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