One way to help is donating

What can I do?

Many white folks are asking themselves this question, and if you’re like me, you’re overwhelmed.

I have a hard job, physically and emotionally.

As an ICU nurse working 12 hour shifts, I couldn’t attend the Black Lives Matter protests last weekend because I was literally busy saving lives.

Anti-racism is hard: it means actively dismantling white supremacy in ourselves and our community.

It requires time and energy, two things my profession saps away.

So what can I give? Money.

According to, my income is average for white households.

It’s also light-years ahead of the median black income.

People of color voices speak of the Three T’s: Time, Talent, Treasure.

It’s what white folks must give in order to achieve meaningful change.

My time and talent tanks are low, but I do have treasure.

My debt is moderate, I take vacations, and I often buy fancy cheese.

I enjoy white privilege and good health (educate yourself on the accumulative health effects of exposure to racism and socioeconomic disadvantage.)

I recently started a monthly donation to BLM Seattle-King County, who will use that money to fight for equality.

This doesn’t excuse me from showing up, but it’s a first step.

If your time and talent is running low, please reflect on what you owe Black America.

If you’re feeling poor, remember that sugar-free triple shot Caramel Macchiato you ordered from Starbucks last Tuesday.

There’s a person of color out there who needs that boost more than you do.

Olivia Bailey

Port Angeles