LETTER:Work together

What is going on?

Who remembers Dwight Eisenhower’s advice to beware the military industrial complex?

What has happened to our country?

Our sense of togetherness?

We are supposed to be the United States.

Is this the legacy we want to leave our children and future generations?

What has happened to the golden rule, integrity, honesty, community?

Anger, hatred, violence, division and conflict.

What about working together for the common good?

We can no longer let huge corporations and a government, both sides, controlled by lobbyists and special interests shape our future.

We need term limits, and end to lobbying.

Let’s start holding the powers that be accountable and convince them through peaceful efforts to do what’s right for the majority of Americans.

We need to get greed and selfishness out of the equation and do the right thing to make a brighter future.

Come on people, let’s work together.

Jim Bourget

Port Angeles