LETTER:Wait for election

The Sequim City Council needs to stop looking for a new city manager when we will have a new city council in November.

On a council of seven members, five of them are on the ballot this November and voting starts in October which is only a few months away.

If the process isn’t postponed until after the election, such an important decision will be made by four appointed city council members who have never been elected.

It also doesn’t make sense for a city manager to accept a job in Sequim when he or she will be working with an entirely different council.

Candidates for city manager will be interviewed by a city council that may not exist after the election.

A majority of the council ousted our last city manager earlier this year during the pandemic because of “philosophical differences.”

That same council now wants to choose the next city manager, but they may not be elected in November.

Our city council is making huge decisions while limiting public input to the last minutes of their meetings.

They don’t want to listen to the public whether at their meetings or at the ballot.

They are deliberately undermining democracy in our town.

The qualified and effective interim city manager should remain until after the election.

Sue Erzen


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