LETTER:Vaccine injured

March 14 marks two years since someone we know was permanently disabled by her COVID shot.

Her case, documented in the April 2022 British Medical Journal, illustrates the non-functioning US response to serious adverse reactions.

Many months later, our government still fails to provide medical or financial support to COVID vaccine-injured Americans.

People with medically-verified, vaccine-caused severe adverse reactions are still on their own.

It’s been a troubling two years asking for help from elected officials who’ve told me not to believe misinformation because the vaccines are safe and effective, and that the very few unlucky ones will get help from the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program, the same broken system I’m asking for their assistance to reform.

Can we all agree that vaccine injuries should not be political?

It is wrong to abandon suffering people.

And it’s not “anti-vax” to be pro-human.

Would there be a different response if, one day, thousands of compassionate, justice-minded, nonpartisan human beings from Clallam and Jefferson counties called our representatives and asked them to help the innocent people who were harmed by COVID vaccines?

Please consider taking five minutes to call the DC offices of Derek Kilmer, 202-225-5916, and Patty Murray, 202-224-2621.

If this touches your heart deeply, also consider donating at www.react19.org to the CARE Fund, organized by vaccine injured people to support one another.

It’s a grassroots drop in an ocean of pain and need, but is providing some support now.

Kathy Zelenka

Port Angeles