LETTER:Unfair tax

Last year I purchased a Ford Escape plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

I love it.

Yesterday I received my license renewal paperwork.

It is outrageous that I am being charged $225 in electric vehicle fees for a plug-in hybrid.

This is not a fully electric vehicle that is not subject to gasoline taxes.

I put 10,000 miles on my vehicle in the last year and over 80 percent of those miles were on gasoline power.

The total amount of gasoline tax I avoided was about $25.

This car was not eligible for the federal rebate for electric vehicles.

It also cannot be recharged on the public charging infrastructure I am being forced to pay for.

It is clearly unfair that the owner of a plug-in hybrid be charged the same as a fully-electric vehicle owner.

I should not be punished for buying an environmentally-friendly car.

I suppose it should come as no surprise that the let’s-tax-everyone folks in Olympia do not know the difference.

Jerry Sullivan