LETTER:Titterness for sheriff

Port Townsend since 1969, Sequim since 2004.

I am what you might call a local.

Marc Titterness mostly grew up in the Midwest.

The past 50 years, I have seen countless changes here.

Mostly not improvements.

Instead of open windows and unlocked doors, we have neighborhood watch and security cameras.

Parks had riskier, but more fun, equipment; now they’re safe, but unfortunately, can have needles and crime.

Our once clean bodies of water are all too frequently affected by bacteria, algae, and pollution; and often require permission to access.

Don’t get me started about the roads and potholes.

I have known Marc since 1995.

He spent time here, growing up; lived local as a young adult.

He moved back to the Midwest, got married, told his wife about the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and she couldn’t imagine.

They had children, owned a small business, and wanted a better world.

He became involved in law enforcement.

They wanted their kids to grow up without gangs, and worse, so they moved back here, a decade ago.

In every measure I’ve seen, he’s proven to be a capable, thoughtful, dependable, and hard-working friend, husband, and father.


A true credit to any community, and law enforcement.

He sees the changes here, and wants to make a difference.

But, sure, dismiss him because he’s not local.

Pollution won’t magically stop, and potholes won’t disappear, but he absolutely will make our roads, and our county, a much safer place to be.

Titterness for sheriff, says it all.

Joy Reuther-Costa