LETTER:Street people

Isn’t about time that our communities develop the political will to finally address the problem of street people?

I refuse to call these people homeless.

I think most of them are on the street because of their drug use. By the time they are on the street, they have used, and abused their families, friends, and community and/or church outreaches, and have chosen drugs over everything.

I think these people should be swept up, and given the choice, jail or rehabilitation.

I realize that this won’t be easy even on a relatively small scale, here on the Olympic Peninsula.

Facilities, and staff to house those choosing rehab will be needed, along with the funds necessary.

I’m sure the ACLU, and other such groups, will introduce legal motions, and every roadblock imaginable.

As I said it will take political will.

It will be a struggle.

Additionally, it isn’t helpful that a clinic that prescribes methadone has been built and funded here.

But the good news, is that their staff is already in place to facilitate and guide with the transition.

The struggle would be well worth it.

Imagine the lives that would be changed.

Imagine the children of these people growing up in a safe and fulfilled environment.

Imagine the new look of our communities.

No abandoned-looking RVs, tents, lean-tos or encampments.

Again, only a fool thinks this would be easy.

But, I think that it’s about time that our elected officials, law enforcement and all community leaders man up, and do what we all know needs to be done.

Phil Turner