LETTERS:Shalt not kill

I’m quite sure I’m not the only person within this reading area who received an e-mail letter from Senator Patty Murray.

She assured me that she would continue to fight for my right to kill the life of any child I may not want before he/she is born.

Were you ever taught “thou shalt not kill?”


Well, I was and it is because of this belief that I wonder how or where Senator Murray will get her right to kill in order to give it to me.

Regarding the argument that the baby within the mother is really not a baby, what does one call it when there is such a demand to get rid of it?

I also wonder if those so determined to kill the unborn understand that being nurtured in a mother’s womb is how everyone arrives in this world.

Dear reader, I do believe you have no memory of being born in this way but trust me, you were.

Those who seek to kill the unborn seem to love the life freely given them but do not see fit to fight that others may also be given this God-given gift of life.

Choose life.

Your mom did.

Jeanette Daignault