LETTER:Sound of Freedom

I joined the Marine Corps in 1963.

After boot camp I was sent to Memphis, Tenn., and trained as an avionics technician.

After graduating from avionics school I was assigned to a Marine jet squadron stationed at Beaufort, S.C.

Pilots flew training mission’s day and night in preparation for their eventual deployment into harm’s way.

In January 1966 the squadron deployed to Danang, South Vietnam.

Our pilots who trained in the sky’s over South Carolina were prepared for what they faced in the skies over North Vietnam.

Had it not been for their training, many would not have returned home to their families.

Today young Navy pilots are flying training missions in the skies over the Pacific Northwest in preparation for their eventual deployment aboard aircraft carriers and into harm’s way anywhere in the world.

The young pilots who fly the EA-18 Growlers out of NAS Whidbey are part of our military that keeps our country safe and free.

Their training is absolutely essential for their survival when called upon to defend our nation.

The sound of these jets is a small price to pay for their safety and our freedom.

Mark Schildknecht