LETTERS:Homelessness plan

I read with interest in today’s PDN a letter in support of John Procter and his plan to address homelessness in Port Angeles.

This prompted me to return to the PDN article of Sept 30 where Mr Procter and incumbent Kate Dexter debated this issue.

I was interested in the ideas expressed by both, but was struck at the time when, according to the article, “Procter said he did not know how much his plan would cost Port Angeles.”

It seems to me that a plan without an explanation of cost and where that money will come from is a wish, not a plan.

I doubt I could plan to buy a Mercedes without determining cost and revenue source.

If in fact the article is correct, I would urge candidate Procter to tell us specifically how much his plan will cost and where that money will come from.

Lynda Minor

Port Angeles