LETTER:Serving the people?

Beyond the chaos, shouting and time-wasting coming from the Republican extremists in the House lurks a serious danger to all seniors and disabled folks.

On Sept. 19, Rep. Jodey Arrington (R-Texas) put forth a budget resolution that includes a “closed-door fast-track” commission designed to cut Social Security.

Such a commission has rightly been termed a “Death Panel for Social Security” by the Biden administration.

Because Social Security is already hobbled by past budget cuts, some of which reduced the number of offices and personnel around the nation, we should instead strengthen and improve this lifeline in which virtually all Americans have a vested interest.

And right now these same Republican extremists are demanding drastic cuts to essential services and that Congress impeach Biden, or they will block government funding legislation and shut down the government after Sept. 30.

Tell me how any of this serves the people.

Lisa Dekker

Port Angeles