LETTERS: Wear a mask

Wear your mask in public.

Such a simple thing and a simple statement.

Wearing your mask reduces the chances of spreading the virus.

Wearing your mask allows more time for the vaccine to be administered to protect you and everyone around you to survive this killer.

Those few people who refuse to wear their mask in public are a menace to society.

I know they say that they have a right to live their life without someone telling them what to do.

If they were only endangering themselves, then yes, they can do what they want.

However, their actions endanger their lives, their families’ lives, their neighbors’ lives, and, basically, the whole of the community’s lives.

They are not allowed to hurt other people.

We already have numerous laws that regulate a person’s actions when those actions damage other people.

You few people need to think of your community first and wear your mask until we are informed by the scientific community that we have won this battle against the virus and we can live our life free of a mask.

Frank Cimino


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