LETTERS: U.S. should give Civilian Conservation Corps another try

Much is being said about the state of the nation.

Presently it may be the most prominent discussion we hear and often focuses on homelessness and dependency.

There is a solution that worked quite well in the 1930s when our country was destitute and the unemployed were standing in long breadlines.

So to deal with this, the Civilian Conservation Corps program was created which put men to work in national parks and forests.

Their work is still evident long after it was completed.

Many roads, trails, bridges and buildings are still in use today.

Sadly, much of it has been allowed to crumble.

As a taxpayer seeing this, you would be discouraged — even outraged.

It’s difficult to imagine what foreign visitors to these sites are saying.

Frankly, it’s a disgrace.

The CC camps were well run.

There were strict rules to be followed and much work to be done; however, today we have a dependency culture which may be difficult to dislodge.

Some say the state of our society is so bad that such a program is doomed at the outset.

If this is our collective reasoning, that ends this discussion.

Once someone said, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

This was true when it was uttered and is just as true today.

Glenn Wiggins,

Port Angeles