LETTERS: Demand leaders take action against climate crisis now

Effects of the climate crisis increase every day and we are already experiencing them locally.

It is long past time for our communities to unite and face this global disaster.

This is no longer a partisan issue, but an issue of life or death.

Scientists predict we are facing mass extinction of the human race with untold amounts of extreme human suffering.

As we fight the climate crisis, we must also realize that the fight for climate justice is in tandem with the fight for social justice, and one cannot be accomplished without the other.

Climate justice means acknowledging that the climate crisis is more than a physical issue, but is a human rights and ethical issue as well.

Those who have historically contributed the least to the climate crisis often end up the most adversely affected.

Climate justice means communities working together to survive and as we do, consider equality, human rights, collective rights and who is actually responsible for climate change.

This climate crisis, the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced, is an opportunity for us to work together and rebuild a foundation of community, equality, compassion and care.

I’m putting out an emergency call to every member of Clallam County, our leaders, business owners, and citizens young and old.

We must act now.

The current business-as-usual approach is ineffective, negligent and dangerous.

Demand our leaders take immediate action; create a climate task force, declare a public health emergency and ensure the inclusion of all voices.

Christy Cox,

Port Angeles