LETTERS: Car fees

“No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session” – Gideon J. Tucker. 1828-1899.

True then, true today.

I’ve noticed an explosion in expired license plates in the area, I surmise that inflation is the cause.

Also, a large, significant number of out-of-state plates are seen at home improvement stores and other establishments not tourist oriented.

New residents have a 30-day grace period before being required to register here.

A group of governor appointed officials, the Washington State Transportation Commission, is discussing if not proposing that a new tax per mile fee be added to the cost of operating a vehicle, according to KING 5 television.

This would add another layer of bureaucracy to the multiplicity of departments and bureaus and government employees tasked with transferring our income to the government, supposedly earmarked for transportation.

The gap of revenue attributed to electric vehicles in cited as the reason.

While I believe that highway taxes should support highway costs, I also suggest that registration and incidental fees are driving motorists to evade registration.

This should be reversed so as to remove or reduce the incentive to cheat by reducing registration fees and taxes.

As a former sworn peace officer, I know the safety importance of having current, accurate registration information accessible to officers.

Anders Tron-Haukebo