LETTER:Ridiculous attack

When I read the first few lines of the letter “Death of a Nation,” my first reaction was, “What?”

Maybe the letter writer has some sort of crystal ball and can see into the future of the United States, but to attack and smear the new administration when President Joe Biden hasn’t been in office for a week is far beyond ridiculous.

The letter writer says, “the capitalist democracy ceased to exist, to be replaced by a leftist tyranny more akin to the Soviet Union than anything like the United States.”

How, pray tell does this happen in less than five days?

Maybe he prefers the neo-fascism that this nation suffered under for four long years over something he has absolutely no idea of what will be coming.

He says First and Second Amendment rights will greatly curtailed.

I haven’t seen First or Second Amendment rights curtailed at all as of yet, or even lessened for that matter, and I seriously doubt if they will be.

Perhaps he should give President Biden and his administration more than three days before he lays in the attacks and signals the death of our nation.

Alan Cummings

Port Angeles