LETTER:Property rights

I understand that housing is a real issue.

While I don’t have a solution, I do have some concerns with the proposal as I understand it.

In 2007, we bought a modest home with a decent view and good neighbors.

We like it here, but I fear that could change.

If I understand correctly, the area looking out our front window could be used for a multi-family unit.

Our view, quality of life, and resale value of our home would be significantly impacted.

We purchased with an understanding of the rules governing our surroundings.

As to the part of the plan to allow RVs with a one-year limit; color me skeptical.

The city has not managed to control the many RVs we currently have.

Once there, always there.

Another issue is the increasing numbers of Airbnbs and Vrbos.

These take the very type of housing off the market that the planning commission is trying to grow.

From the Airbnb and Vrbo websites for Port Angeles I see approximately 600 homes listed.

At an average occupancy of four per, that’s 2,400 people that could be housed.

I see some Realtors are even using Airbnb potential as part of their sales pitch.


I get that the pro-growth faction are understandably for these changes, but I feel the onus should be on the city to protect existing property owner rights.


Attend the meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 22.

Martin Williams

Port Angeles