LETTER:Prayer, not protest

In an article titled “Signs Outside Planned Parenthood Display Convictions,” reporter Ken Park, in some respects I think, misrepresented the mission of the individuals who hold signs and pray in front of Planned Parenthood.

The reporter referred to people holding signs that said “Pray to End Abortion,” “Adoption a Loving Option,” “Love Babies,” “Why Kill a Child,” “Choose Life,” “I Regret My Abortion,” etc. as protesters.

These pro-life people who have been out there for the past six years are there primarily to pray for those wanting an abortion or who get one.

They pray for those who have suffered over having one.

The Port Angeles pro-life people believe in nonviolent, prayerful action and their signs and behavior demonstrate this.

Instead of protesting, which can take on the form of making a vocally strong objection — a rally etc. that sometimes evolves into violence, the pro-life group in Port Angeles engages in a vigil which is a period of devotional watching.

This means they stay in a place and quietly wait, hold or carry pro-life signs and pray.

Prayer is the most powerful way to help those spiritually and mentally wounded by their decision to have an abortion and to change the hearts of those convicted to the pro-abortion cause.

Virginia A O’Donnell

Port Angeles