LETTER:Pope and climate change

I am so very tired of reading about Cal Thomas’ diatribes about the fakeness of climate change.

It is the same thing, ad nauseam, and it seems the man cannot learn about something that is all around us, causing more droughts, heat waves, hurricanes, wildfires, ice and snow storms.

Why do you continue in your derision?

It is not rocket science.

Thomas derides Bill Gates, who has learned about climate change and its vexing impact on civilization by studying it over the last 20 years.

Thomas calls Gates “a fervent disciple of the latest religion for the nonreligious, climate change.”

Only the nonreligious believe in climate change, Cal?

I would beg to differ.

Pope Francis calls on all people to accept the scientific consensus that climate change is principally a man-made phenomenon, according to Inside Climate News in August 2020.

Without action to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and slow the planet’s warming, there will be profound environmental, social, political and economic consequences,he said.

The pope clearly identifies the use of fossil fuels as a cause of climate change.

He is increasingly being joined by other denominations in accepting man’s part in climate change and what they are called to do as stewards of the Earth.

Yes, methane from cows is a potent greenhouse gas, about 28 times more powerful than carbon dioxide at warming the Earths.

Laugh about it at your own risk but doing something about it is better than the jokes you make about eating fake meat.

Learn something new, Cal, your message is getting old.

Sherry Schaaf