LETTER:Please get vaccinated

Through the years a fellow from my eighth grade St. John’s Milwaukie, Ore., class arranged annual reunions.

COVID-19 interrupted the events.

This year, with the vaccines, we got together again on Aug. 16, meeting for lunch in Woodland, Wash. I assumed we were all vaccinated, but my husband remarked that he didn’t think the man I knew since seventh grade sitting next to him was vaccinated, judging by their conversation.

I received a phone call a few days ago, confirming my friend’s unvaccinated status.

He and his wife passed away from COVID-19.

He pulled the plug on himself Sept. 13 when he found out his wife died Sept. 11.

Less than a month before, he was smiling and visiting with us and he recently celebrated his birthday exclaiming these were the best days of his life.

Consuelo White

Port Angeles