LETTER:Opposes gun control

I have to comment on the AP article “Gun law reception” (PDN, July 12) concerning the Safer Communities Act.

The AP lauded Biden celebrating “real progress” following all the gun control laws that aren’t working.

It’s touted a great bi-partisan compromise, with 15 RINOS voting.

States are paid to enact their own extreme risk protection orders laws infringing on citizens’ rights without due process.

It does include the right to be represented by a lawyer, to an in-person hearing and to know opposing evidence; all after the fact of firearms confiscated from a citizen.

It requires including juvenile records in the background checks of 18–21-year-old firearm buyers.

They’re pulled out of Afghanistan leaving their guns for the Taliban, but they’re unduly scrutinized for wanting a firearm for protection here.

The Left’s boyfriend loophole adds partners in a casual relationship to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) if convicted of violating a restraining order.

It does create a process for removal from NICS five years after sentencing, but only if there are no intervening crime offenses.

A generous compromise.

Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealers are one of the most heavily regulated businesses.

So the law adds more regulations.

It also requires a private citizen to get an FFL to sell a firearm.

Criminals will surely get FFLs to sell their stolen firearms.

A straw purchase is already a felony so the bill makes it more of a felony.

It’s not compromise when one side gains nothing.

Roger M. Foszcz

Port Angeles

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