LETTER:Not a time for change

Here is the headline from the Sequim Gazette, Dec. 16, 2015: “Hays Resigns Sequim Council Seat.”

His resignation was sent to the council via email and with no notice.

Why would anyone do this?

According to his own statement, “It has become increasingly difficult…”

“The demands of my professional and family life are taking all of my time.”

“I do not believe it is fair to continue without the level of commitment expected and required.”

With that email he quit.

Clallam County Public Utility District currently has a knowledgeable team of commissioners in place, each having years of experience in the utility industry.

Their president is Will Purser.

Our current commissioners are already tackling the issues important to us, the ratepayers.

For example, a 20-year contract negotiation with the Bonneville Power Administration, high-speed internet access for all, search for new resources to meet the new state and federal guidelines to reduce climate change.

They are very busy.

Take the time to compare the Hays issue stances to Will Purser’s ongoing work.

You’ll discover that almost all of the suggestions made by Hayes have already been suggested and addressed by the current commissioners.

Each issue is explored, vetted, accepted or rejected based on years of experience by our PUD and its commissioners.

Now is not the time for a change, it is time to move forward with a seasoned and experienced team working on our behalf.

Vote for Will Purser.

Mary Stewart