LETTER:Net Zeo questioned

Did you notice that many politicians who pushed COVID Zero policies have seamlessly pivoted to Net Zero without addressing harms caused by extended lockdowns, mandates, etc.?

This new use of fearful modeling to impose severe restrictions has the same potential for catastrophic collateral damage.

Our governor, unchallenged by the legislature, wants to lead on both fronts.

He continues vaccine discrimination and has banned sales of new gas vehicles a few years down the road.

Good leaders have vision, but also humility and wisdom.

This election is a referendum on how things went and where to go from here.

I suggest we need term limits, politicians who don’t pit us against one another and environmental policies that don’t invoke impending doom but do pursue both efficiency and optional new technologies.

In complex times, we need ethical leadership.

History reveals what happens when politicians use coercion and ostracism, while others passively go along.

At the federal and state levels, the incumbents have failed my litmus test of doing right by vaccine-injured people and ending unscientific mandates.

What about Washingtonians who can’t afford or don’t want electric vehicles?

COVID Zero cruelty has crushed innocent people.

Which of your neighbors will now be deemed disposable in the headlong rush towards Net Zero?

The fossil record shows that the earth has warmed and cooled repeatedly without any human input.

We need moderate leaders who can envision caring for both the planet and each other.

Kathy Zelenka

Port Angeles