LETTER:Keep it natural

The Olympic Peninsula is a special place thanks to our wild areas and natural diversity.

Tourists visit from all over the world, not because we have developed campgrounds, which can be found anywhere, but to enjoy our unique wilderness areas.

Out of the 141 state parks in Washington, Miller Peninsula State Park (MPSP) stands out because it offers a unique and quality experience with nature.

MPSP is one of the rare places where you can still experience peace and quiet.

The park includes fragile wetlands and a 3,000-acre intact forest with remnant old growth trees.

Many wild animals thrive in this peaceful sanctuary.

Just 15 minutes drive from Sequim, MPSP is one of the most accessible wilderness areas on the Peninsula.

In its current state, MPSP is beneficial to all as a haven for wildlife, for carbon sequestration, and for day-use recreation.

If any of the park is developed as planned, the unique biodiversity of the entire park will be threatened.

With undeveloped wild areas becoming increasingly rare, it’s extremely important for us to protect places like MPSP.

Instead of turning MPSP into Disneyland and destroying its fragile ecosystem forever, the park is much more valuable for locals and visitors as a refuge for animals and nature lovers.

During the March 28 telephone town hall, Reps. Steve Tharinger and Mike Chapman and Sen. Kevin Van De Wege expressed their strong support for developing MPSP.

Tell our elected officials to preserve MPSP in its natural state and not fund Parks to develop it.

Ryan Langley

Port Angeles