LETTER:Few care

It’s been several weeks, presumed citizen, since you voted.

Has anything changed?

Those who dreamed of the implosion of the Republic must be in total exhilaration, euphoria; of the 51 positions on my ballot, only 14 were opposed.

Although there is no obligation on a citizen to vote or participate in or for a public office, the fact that two-thirds of the positions were unopposed shows just how little most care, the willingness to let a few manage their lives.

In one local case, a commissioner on the Levy Board I served held that elected seat for 30 years.

I acknowledge some positions are unpaid with little or no chance of your picture appearing in the local news, but those local positions are the backbone of our Republic, people caring, participating, taking responsibility for the health of their Republic.

The short answer to the posed question is: not much.

I would explain the consequence of not taking part in the Republic, but there is ample chance you’ve experienced the unsequenced bureaucratic word-garbage yourself.

But I do opine that one should, at some point in their life, put their views and ideas before their brethren; if not running for office, at least behold the First and Second.

With the continuing transgressions towards the two and other eight over the years, a simpler question: just how much can the common man tolerate of the tens continuing erosion?

I would think dear if continued unabated.

Jan Richardson