LETTER:Election stakes

There is a big election coming up next month.

This vote will elect people who affect our daily lives in schools, city councils, hospital and fire districts.

Usually there is a drop off of voters when there are no national races to consider.

That thinking is totally backwards in terms of importance to our local needs.

We need to be more motivated to select the best people to make decisions that can improve our communities.

There is a small minority that is hoping and depending on the majority of our voting community to not vote this next election.

If they can convince the majority, using misinformation and lies, that the majority does not need to vote, we will find ourselves being led by people who do not have the welfare and improvement of our people and our needs as their priority.

This minority has their own agenda of just taking care of themselves, regardless of the harm they promote.

So, as has been stated by many people, over many elections, all of us must vote.

By even one of us not voting when we could, we give this minority a chance to bring down our society.

Frank Cimino