LETTER:Election fraud deniers

Because I believe there were shenanigans in our 2020 election, I guess I am an election denier.

I watched the pillow guy’s symposium.

I watched 2000 Mules.

With an open mind, you have to admit there may be something there.

Before our Congress certified the election, there was brought to it a concern of foreign interference in the election.

Our Congress, not wanting to follow the 1887 ESA law outlining their duties in certifying elections, certified it without looking into it after voting on objections.

Now the Supreme Court has set a date to decide it it will hear arguments in Case 22-380 brought by Raland Brunson, which calls for the removal of 388 sitting elected officials, including the president and vice president. If four justices vote on Jan. 6 to move the case to a hearing, then arguments will be heard at a later date.

So, I ask all you election fraud deniers, is it real now?

Our own Representative Kilmer may soon be unemployed and/or in prison for failing to do his due diligence in making sure our election was secure.

My opinion is that free and fair elections are so important to our country, that fraud of any sort and any hint of it should be thoroughly investigated, not ignored and the people suggesting it ridiculed.

Mark A. White

Port Angeles