LETTER:Don’t be confused

There’s a bit of confusion about candidates for Sequim School Board Director Position 4.

The official state Voters’ Pamphlet allows no changes to candidate statements between the primary and general elections, so it appears as if voters have a choice between two bright, engaged grandmothers.

Such is not the case.

One candidate regretted filing, but it was too late to remove her name from the primary election ballot.

Despite withdrawing, she got the most votes and automatically advanced to the general election ballot.

The Public Disclosure Commission says, even if she gets the most votes in November, because of her withdrawal, she cannot accept the seat.

The PDN’s Oct. 1 article says she “should not” accept, but the PDC actually said “cannot.”

Thus, if the withdrawn candidate wins, the seat becomes vacant, to be filled by appointment.

Either candidate would make a good school board member, but only one is actually available.

If you prefer to elect your representatives, rather than having someone else appoint them, vote for Virginia Sheppard.

Virginia will work to assure that Sequim students gain a solid educational foundation, whether they are bound for college, career or trade.

Virginia is an in-depth researcher, who will advocate for education, and against indoctrination in divisive radical theories.

Virginia encourages parents’ involvement in their children’s schooling, and will listen respectfully to both parents and professional educators.

Please join me in voting to put Virginia Sheppard on the Sequim School Board.

Martha McKeeth Ireland