LETTER:Damages business

In a recent letter to the editor (“No Masks,” Sept. 10) the writer urges people to refuse to wear masks, even to the extent of civil disobedience, should another mask mandate be imposed.

This letter is not to respond to the writer’s claim that no science would support such an order except to note that if there are insufficient grounds to support some future mandate, the courts will strike it down.

Instead, I want to address the entirely misguided and destructive logical extension of this call to civil disobedience; it will damage local businesses and their employees who already suffered economic and psychological harm the first time COVID came around.

I recently saw a vehicle with a large bumper sticker urging people to boycott businesses if they once again require masks.

Maybe some people don’t have to worry about money, but local businesses do and so do their employees who are just trying to put food on the table.

These people are not the source of your problem.

Some of them may even agree with you.

They should not be boycotted or harassed.

If you don’t like mask mandates, then lobby your government.

Better yet, put your money where your mouth is and file lawsuits challenging those mandates.

Don’t just throw a toddler-sized tantrum that will only harm businesses and their workers.

They are required to follow the law and face significant penalties if they don’t.

Be strategic and have compassion.

They are not the source of your problem.

Cheryl Nielson

Port Angeles