LETTER:Capital gains tax

I’ve been an in-home caregiver since I was 17 years old, and I am now past the age when most people retire.

At the beginning of this pandemic, our lawmakers called caregivers like me essential, and across the state we worked to keep our clients out of hospitals, some of which were overrun with COVID-19 patients.

And while we do this essential work, we’re also among the ones who are paying outrageous taxes; way more than our fair share compared to our wealthy neighbors.

I’ve kept working, caring for my client who also lives in Sequim, all through this pandemic.

I have to keep working just to make my bills every month, all while also paying five times more of my income in taxes than the mega-wealthy in our state.

It’s these few individuals in our state who’ve profited extraordinarily during the pandemic and it’s long past time they paid their fair share as those of us who worry about buying groceries or paying for a medication.

I thank Sen. Kevin Van De Wege for supporting the working people of Sequim, like me, by voting to add a capital gains tax on extraordinary profits (SB 5096) and strongly urge Representatives Mike Chapman and Steve Tharinger to pass it also.

We deserve an economy and a tax system that works for everyone, not just the wealthy.

Barb McQueen